Top 10 Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Kills

10)Jason Goes To Hell - The Final Friday - the tent sex scene impalement/slice into. This scene is classic in Friday lore due to the actual split in half of the body while the girl is still "huh" attached to her male friend.

9)Friday the 13th Part VII A New Blood - The sleeping bag to the tree scene. Kane Hodder says this is one of his favorite kills. So if its good for Kane. Its good for us.

8)Friday the 13th Part 2 - The double spear through the bed scene while the couple is getting their groove on. Its a ode to several other horror films but, still works.

7)Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives - honestly, I could feel this up with Jason Lives deaths. But, I won't. The opening scene heart punch of Horshack. With Tommy screaming. Great scene and the best opening to any Friday movie ever.

6)Jason X - The freezing chicks head over in to a face first smash in which the head just breaks into pieces. This was seriously cool stuff.

5)Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives - Sheriff getting bent over backwards with his legs and arms coming together. Whoa. We all needed a aleve after that one.

4)Friday the 13th Part IV The Final Chapter - Crispin Glover's infamous "where's the cork screw?" scene. Crispin gets a cork screw to the hand and a butcher knife to the face.

3)Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives - The triple beheading of 3 loser paintball game players.

2)Friday the 13th Part IV The Final Chapter - The nut impalement off pier in and raise up as man screams. Ouch. Even Jason should've said I can't do that to a brother. whew.

1)Friday the 13th Part IV The Final Chapter - Ok, this is not the gorest scene in the series but, to me the absolute most frightening. The in the basement long drawn out killing of Rob. The man tracking Jason hoping to kill him for murdering his sister. However, we instead get a peek of Rob getting hit over and over again with a damn 3 prong garden tool and he screams "He's killing me oh god he's killing me" over and over. Now to hear a grown man scream like this (especially when you knew Rob wasn't no punk) just makes me cringe.

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