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Horror At The Box Office: Saw 3D takes normal horror dive...

Well, horror at the box office took its normal hit in the 2nd week. Saw drew a solid $8 million dollars but, had a 63% drop off. Which is actually pretty normal these days for a horror movie after a big opening. It has still grabbed $38 million dollars and is on track for its normal $50-$60 million haul which considering a $20 million budget. Thats a hit. Another $14 million for overseas. And Saw 3D has cut up $53 million already. Paranormal Activity 2 is rolling strong with another $7 million. Thats $77 million in the USA alone. Throw in $47 million off overseas takes and thats $124 million. Wow. Horror is proud. I guess. There were no other movies of note from the horror game. Red continued to hold strong with $8.8 million for a $77 million haul. Not bad for a action comedy and is in its 4th week and holding strong.

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Horror at the Box Office

Ok, so it was a big weekend for horror movies in the multiplex. Saw 3D finally dropped and it claimed the number one spot. Saw 3D grabbed a nice $24 million for a opening weekend. Paranormal Activity 2 continued to scare a ton of people freakin' silly. Another $16 million dollars. Wow. In 2 weeks a insane $65 million dollars and throw in overseas tallys at you got $110 million dollars off a $3 million dollar budget. I did believe Saw would take more like $30-$35 million. So it was alittle lower than what I expected. Devil took in another $500,000 and raised its total $33 million. Nothing else came out or really even had a impact so I won't waste your time on it. However, I noticed the I Spit On Your Grave remake had made $89,000 dollars but, it looked like all of 3 theaters. Wow.