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Ok, so I had a mishap go down with Google yesterday who runs blogger and they flagged my site as freaking spam. Well, sure enough this morning I get up and the site is working and that stamp was removed. However, it sparked me to do what i've needed to do. I moved the site. If you follow my site please update your bookmarks to - As if you have as your favorite you won't reach the site. And see the latest updates. I would like to thank everybody who supported the site in its old incarnation and in its new slicker look. Also stay tuned. I am working on a Jason Voorhees tribute site as I had a guy offer me Jason-Voorhees.Com and I grabbed it. Its in early stages. So look for it. ;)

Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Review

Ok, guys. I understand this is a horror site but, hell its my site so I will post what I want. And today we loaded up like the Griswold family and went off to the Stadium 14. Saw the latest in the Transformers saga. Now for me. I warn you. I am a product of the 80's. I was 8 years old when Transformers hit the scene. So I am ALL about this shit. I will say this. To this day I miss the bashing of Michael Bay. People hate on that mf worse than Rob Zombie. Which is saying alot. But, Bay knows one thing. How to make a great summer blockbuster action flick. Flash forward to Fallen. Now, I have to admit with the title I some what expected an Empire Strikes Back or Dark Knight ending where we're left with a cliffhanger. But, we didn't get it. But, oh well. Its a great family oriented action flick. That made me a 8 year old again sitting right next to my 8 year old. Now thats freaking cool guys. Now, if you don't like big large scale action flicks like Transformers, Bad Boys, I Am Legend, Con Air then you need not freaking go. Why go so you can just bash Michael Bay? People bash and you continue to pay? So wtf. Anyway, this time we have Sam (Shia) and his gal played by Megan Fox (wow) thrown smack dab in the middle of another battle with Megatron and his band of Decepts. Several amazing battles ensure including one where you realize Optimus Prime is one bad angry sob.
It of course has some great one liners from everybody involved. I was slightly annoyed by the two twin autobots but, they dropped a line about being ninjas so I ate that shit up like crack. Megatron and Starscream are back making you realize in true Darth Vader to the Emperor fashion that there is a larger evil at work. Oh crap. Let the battle begin. Anyway, again if you don't like action flicks. Don't go. If you do. Rock on. You will love this. I give it 5 out of 5 axes. Another future dvd edition to the collection. Wonderful

Horror At The Box Office - The Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Edition

Ok, so holy moly guys. Yeah, I went there. So I'll get to my Transformers Revenge of the Fallen review after this post. First, lets get to the box office crazyness that is the Fallen! For the weekend Transformers 2 has taken in a monster $112 million and for its 5 day run an amazing $201 million dollars. Wow. For its release worldwide how about an crazy $387 million dollars! This opening is only rivaled by The Dark Knight which many could be argue is the best flick of the 2K era. Michael Bay does action and does it large. Last weeks The Proposal took in another $18 million now bringing its total to $69 million showing that Ryan Reynolds can carry a box office. Everybodies favorite comedy has amazing legs. Adding another $17 million to its total of $183 million dollars just in the US. It has grabbed an healthy $213 million worldwide. The Taking of Pelham 123 is being took so far with $58 million worldwide but, has not gone real wide internationally yet. Foreign markets love action flicks so look for this thing to grab some big numbers overseas ala T4. Speaking of my best movie of the summer so far it took in another $1 million raising its US take to $121 million. Film goers I'm still ashamed of you. You missed one hell of a action flick. Its taken $321 million. Least worldwide they guaranteed us a T5.

Horror At The Box Office - Thursday - Transformers Edition

Ok, so I have to admit I'm a tool for the Transformers movies and I will be seeing this with my kid Sunday. Don't know who will be the bigger 8 year old at that point. Good to see the franchise is alive and well. Through 2 days of being opened wide Transformers has pulled in a sick $89 million dollars and the weekend isn't even here. Wow. And more so its pulled in another $88 million in foreign box office. This movie has made $169 million overall. Whoa. The best comedy I've seen in a long time The Hangover has now grabbed $196 million worldwide. The thriller Angels and Demons has grabbed $460 million worldwide. Awesome. Terminator Salvation has taken in a healthy $322 million now worldwide. Thats enough for now. Back Sunday with another full box office report. Later.

Daybreakers Trailer

This movie looks great. Cross between Blade, Underworld, and Vampires. Enjoy.

When Did We Get Too Good For Action Flicks?

Ok, upon writing my little Predator sequel rant. I started to consider something. People decided their too good for action flicks? WTF? As a product of the 70's, 80's, early 90's. Action flicks were the cream of the cinema crop. Guys like Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Stallone, and Arnold ruled the theater landscape. And we fucking loved it. So what happened? I mean really. There were so many good action movies. Yes folks we loved Total Recall, Commando, Rambo, Universal Soldier, Under Siege, Hard To Kill. And to a little lesser extent Marked For Death, Raw Deal. And I realize. Seagal and Van Damme are sent to direct to dvd hell? Wait. Steven Seagal is direct to dvd. Guys long before Seagal was a punch line he was considered a bmf. Yes. Bad mutha fucka. We cheered when he killed. When he snapped fucking arms. Van Damme when he hit those kicks in Kickboxer and Bloodsport. And knew how good we had it to see Chuck Norris kill. Well, everybody. However, if your not 28-45 years old you have no idea what I am talking about. More so. You don't want to know. Instead people go see 17 Again before Crank 2? Really? Oh my gosh. Has everybody lost their damn mind. And let me flashback to my theater going youth. Tyler, Texas - Universal Soldier drops. And ALL showings are sold out. Under Siege and Under Siege 2 sold out. The greatness of Dolph Lundgren saying "I'm all ears" when holding up the cut off ears. Jesus. How about Van Damme's Hard Target. Yep you guess it. A full theater. Ass to Ass. What has happened that people no longer can sit down and enjoy a good action flick. Nobody ever thought these movies would be The English Patient or The Piano. And we were thanking god they weren't. We had no problem the movie was made on $15 million. Could've cared less. The words "Die Hard" meant something. And sequels were simply marked by "insert name 2!" And we were just fine with that. And people left the theater going "that was bad ass" instead of that acting was terrible. WTF? When you realized that fight between Bolo Yeung and Van Damme was finally about to fucking happen. And you got fired up. So? I beg the movie goers of today. Give action flicks a chance. They are pure entertainment. Don't expect Oscars. Expect explosions. Blood. F Bombs. So next time your bored. Go to the video store and ask for every American Ninja movie they got. Sit back and enjoy the greatness that was......

Predator Sequel? My Opinion.

Ok, so if you read this site at all you know I am not the hater of remakes or reboots. I just don't see the point of people getting mad that a film is remade. Lets be honest. Nobody is remaking The Godfather or The Empire Strikes Back. That being said action or horror movies to me are free game. Some times they are great. Dawn Of The Dead, Friday the 13th, Chainsaw, Hills Have Eyes were all damn good remakes. Other times. Well. That being said I think we are all still somewhat glad to hear that the new Predator movie will be a sequel and not a remake. I mean really why not make it a sequel. Now that leads me to say one thing. What the hell happened to Predator 2? You remember the Danny Glover flick. That had a pretty good ensemble cast of Gary Busey (when he still had a name) and Bill Paxton. Ruben Blades was a cool mutha too... I mean was is it as epic as Predator? No. But, it was a damn good action flick. And frankly, the city premise was a great idea. And you remember Busey discussing the events of the first film. So why forget those events? As its my understanding the new one will be a sequel to the first one but, not the second. Well. If its a sequel lets make it Predator 3. Or we can call it Predators. But, lets not forget the goodness that was Predator 2. I mean that drug lord angle was pretty sharp. And who can forget the creepyness of "Danny Boy" or "Want some candy?" from the Predator. And that battle between Glover and the Predator was pretty freaking awesome. And frankly, lets not forget when this movie came out Glover was just a hair under what Arnold was. He was serious action magic with those Lethal Weapon movies and in the early 90's we liked some Glover. You know you did. So Rodriguez. Why not let the memory of Predator 2 live in "Predators". I am not saying you have to do a Glover cameo but, if you get Arnold you need to get Danny. Even if its in some fight scene and he's drinking coffee while some new star is fighting the Predator in a Burger King. As for that new star. This is a sticky subject. Unlike most people I did not think A V P or A V P 2 was bad. I thought they were both pretty good and the 2nd one was damn good. They made a point to get some gore going and that was great. But, the thing that made these movies just hits worldwide and not smash hits was the lack of the lead player. No Weaver, Glover, Arnold. As for who should fight the Predators. It has to be someone with some name draw to him. At one time I believed it was Van Damme or Seagal (yes, folks in 1992 this would've got asses in the seats). Of course now. Well. Not so much. Its got to be a strong action guy. If Stallone was even 10 years younger he would be a slam dunk. And I almost wonder after seeing him in Rambo and Rocky if he still can't pull it off. He is in better shape than he used to be. Who else? John Cena? No not yet. First Cena has yet to impress at the box office. It seems natural if your playing an Arnold's son angle. But, I just don't think thats enough. That brings me to two possibilities. Jason Statham and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Either of these cats could pull it off. I guess if you wanted to stretch maybe Mark Walhberg or Will Smith but, I believe they would feel their past doing a sequel to a movie like the Predator. Johnson and Statham are big enough names that they can get asses in the seats. Also these days there are a TON of bad asses that can fit in to an elite unit. Fact is considering the ties. Maybe Stone Cold Steve Austin would join either of these guys as maybe the 2nd or 3rd hero or marine or whatever angle. The Jesse Ventura type. What about Chuck Liddell? Hell, I bet Goldberg ain't doing shit. But, you have to have 3-4 of these guys to back your hero and kill a few Predators and then die. Fact is people will feel the impact of one of these guys people knows dieing. Terry Crews would be good. These guys need to be larger than life. We remember Carl Weathers. Bill Duke. These guys were classic in the first Predator and we did not want to see them die. Anyway, come on guys. Do this movie right. Embrace the first and second Predator movies. Play off of them. Thats what people want to see. Don't disappoint us.


New Halloween II Trailer

Now folks this looks like a Halloween movie.

Horror At The Box Office

Ok, so there were no new horror releases. The Proposal scored a respectable $34 million dollars at the box office while the Hangover hung real strong. It brought in another $26 million dollars and dropped only 18%. In its 3rd week. Wow. The best comedy I've seen in a long time has scored a insane $164 million worldwide. The Taking of Pelham 123 scored another $11 million and now has taken in $43 million. Much like T4 I will bet this movie will do well overseas but, may struggle to reach $65 or $70 million here. Star Trek grabbed another $4.7 million raising its total to a whopping $352 million worldwide. However, its getting Terminated overseas as our favorite killing machine has made $50 million more overseas than The Trekkies new flick. T4 has now hit for $119 million in the US but, $164 million overseas. Definitely, letting us know foreign box office still loves a good action flick. This certainly lets us know why Steven Seagal and Van Damme still have a career as they do well overseas. And frankly, as much as I hate to admit we no longer like action flicks much over here. Angels and Demons has scored a unreal $444 million in US and Foreign box office total. And Drag Me To Hell has scored a profit with a now $39 million on the US take. And a very respectable $15 million on foreign funds. It has now taken in $55 million combined. Very well for a horror movie but, it won't catch Friday the 13th's $90 million. I suspect only Halloween II will have a chance.

New Halloween II Poster

Here's a bad ass new Halloween II poster. That rain makes this cool as hell.

2012 Trailer

Ok, so its not horror but, this movie looks fan freaking tastic. And hell who doesn't dig John Cusack?

Zombieland Trailer

Here's your trailer for Woody Harrallson's Zombieland. Man, this looks bad ass. Enjoy.

How about a Freddy Krueger Teasing Pic

Ok, so its a cup of coffee but, still. Kinda cool and creepy in a weird sorta way.

Two New Halloween II Pics

A strange looking pumpkin guy and Sheriff Brackett. Both from Rob Zombie's Myspace.

Friday the 13th Part 2? My opinion.

Ok, so as every one probably has read by now around the web Platinum Dunes is looking to start work on their follow up to the Friday the 13th reboot. And if you read my site you know I was a big fan of the movie. Thats garnered much love or hate depending on who you are. They are saying that Jason Voorhees may find himself in a snowy or winter setting. Which is fine with me as long as they stick to the plan of that just being one part of the movie. I would only speculuate that will be in a opening scene or maybe a flashback scene. Which its being said that it will only be in a portion of the movie. So who knows. Now I some how believe depending on box office and dvd rentals, sales etc that the franchise won't die even with a Part 2. I am leaning toward a potential part 3. Probably a trilogy before Platinum Dunes steps away from Jason. Though, they have walked away from the Chainsaw series at this time. And its my understanding they will not make another one from what i've read. I would think we probably would like to say that maybe the series would end with some sort of a showdown. Between who? How about Tommy Jarvis? Tommy was basicially most Friday the 13th's fans favorite non Mr. Voorhees character. He made it through 3 movies. So why not bring a favorite back to finish Jason? I am definitely not saying bring in Corey Feldman. Maybe as a side character or cameo but, I am not sure he has enough box office clout to lead a movie with a $20 million dollar budget. And do something completely strange for a horror movie. Leave us with a real cliffhanger. Something dramatic. Its a Jason Voorhees. Make part 2 set up part 3. Literally, that gives you the ability to possible introduce a character into the next movie that may have a impact but, does not have to finish the job in that movie. Something to consider. Apply the Empire Strikes Back slash Dark Knight equation. Leave us wanting to absolutely breakdown the following year about what may or may not happen. Leave us wondering if the hero dies or if the villian dies. Anyway, its something to ponder as we head down the next installment of the Friday series. Far as some of the things I've heard around the web. Yes, your reboot didn't have some of the wild kills or creative kills we have gotten in the past but, this is not zombie Friday the 13th Jason this is a more realistic Jason. Which I think was a good thing. This is coming from a person that their favorite Friday is Part VI Jason Lives. We know that was the birth of zombie Jason and we had some fun with that Jason. However, the realistic thing is not make a Jason that can punch a fucking hole through someones chest. I don't give a fuck how backwoods and strong Jason is. He isn't doing that shit. If you want to stay realistic stay with the machete kills, the traps, the shovels, pitchforks, knives, etc. I mean he's not going to bend a guy backwards in half. And of course, keep Derek Mears as Jason. He was the best Jason. And this is from someone who thought Kane Hodder would never be replaced. But, you found at least a equal. And stay with the fast moving Jason. It makes him a damn sight scarier than him walking but, some how still catching a motherfucker. That never was very buyable. Again we loved it in the originals but, at the same time it wasn't very realistic. I mean some of those folks killed need only hit a open road and they are gone. With no hopes of being caught. Platinum Dunes said they read the fans comments. So there it is. Do what you will with it.

Surviving Evil Trailer

Here's the trailer for Billy Zane's Surviving Evil. It looks like it could be great. Hopefully, its not some sci fi channel horror flick. Credit: for the embed.

Two New Halloween II TV Spots

Ok, so some dude was watching a Nascar race and scored two tv spots for H2? I guess it happened. Anyway, here's the spots that some dude scored

Find more videos like this on Club Scout

Find more videos like this on Club Scout

Top 5 horror movies of this year

5)My Bloody Valentine 3d - Ok, so maybe I'm cheap but, this was a damn fine slasher flick. It had some elements of 80's horror which is what I grew up on. And the 3D was actually good in a movie for once and added to the experience instead of robbing it. I truely hope we see a sequel.

4)Last House on the Left - Yep another remake. Unlike alot of horror fans I have no issues with movies being rebooted or remade. I find it almost comical to here people hate a movie before it even arrives to us. But, they do. Anyway, this was a very strong remake of the Wes Craven classic. Honestly, I was not that big of a fan of the original. I own it. But, to me it seems extremely dated. And I am big on movies holding the test of time. This movie was strong with Tony Goldwyn, Monica Potter, and Garret Dillahunt. There was some real emotion from the parents and regardless of what any one says. That ending. Lol. Damn good stuff.

3)Splinter - Thank god for good little horror movies. And this was a great little horror movie. The story of a couple going camping who decide to not go camping and on their way to getting a motel they pick up two hitchhikers who happen to be running from the law. Well, they stop at a store and there the movie gets going with them vs a parasite that invades the body and contorts it in to some serious twisted manners. A tv actor named Paulo Costanzo stole the fucking show as a con that saves the fucking day. This came out in 08 but, I didn't see it to 09 so its on the list.

2)Dead Snow - Wow. What can I say? Wow. Once in a blue moon everything lines up to bring you a new horror classic. And this was it. Picture. Evil Dead slash Friday the 13th woods. Cover them in snow. Add people in a cabin ala Evil Dead. Add in Zombie Nazis. Poor in buckets of guts and blood. And limbs. And you got maybe one of the top 5 greatest zombie flicks of all time. Yes, its that good and was one of the most enjoyable horror movies I've seen in a long while.

1)Friday the 13th - Thats right. The most loved and hated horror movie this side of Zombie's Halloween remake. I noticed something. The first couple days this came out people all over the web loved this movie. Until some douche decided to bash it and in true hater fashion people tagged on to it and "hated it" all of a sudden. That being said its reviews are still overall very strong. And I am a life long Jason Voorhees fan. And when Jason returned he returned extra pissed. Derek Mears gave the Jason Voorhees performance of the century (Kane you were good too bud). Jason was fast, brutal, and mad as hell. Jason was also not a complete dumbass and made some Deliverance trap setting moves on motherfuckers. And guess what. It was great. The first 20 minutes of that movie slapped everyone in the face. And it was good having a guy lead fight Jason again for the first time since one Tommy Jarvis.
I left the theater smiling. Both times. lol.

To mention some other "supposed to be great movies".

Laid To Rest - was fucking terrible. Chromeskull is a douche and that Bobbie Sue's acting made me want to pull her teeth with a pair of pliers.

The Children? - Fucking laughable. Nothing about those brats scared me. And it was one of the longest 90 minutes of my life this side of a root canal.

Drag Me To Hell - They should name this Put Me Through Hell - The return of Raimi was not historic. And now I am starting to believe that Bruce Campbell should be in all his movies. Playing Ash. I was thinking where the fuck is a good boomstick when you need one? So I could shoot myself and it would be over.

Horror On Dvd - Surprising Sales Totals

Lets take a look at dvd sales for horror movies and thrillers for 2009 so far. I did this article earlier in the year and people were quite surprised to see how much these movies have made off dvd sales alone. Lets look: Liam Neesom's thriller Taken has "taken" in another $56 million dollars off dvd sales. That makes it a MASSIVE hit. And so far its the 4th highest movie of the year. Think Underworld: Rise of the Lycans didn't make enough at the box office? Well, it made did make $90 million worldwide in box office so we should get a sequel. But, throw in a additional $37 million on dvd sales. Wow. Unreal. And surprising. The disappointing Saw V has grabbed another $22 million off dvd sales for this year. No, wonder we got a possible Saw 8, and maybe 9 coming.

Horror At the Box Office

Welp here we are. Another summer movie week in the books. And The Hangover continued its dominance. Of course, UP did as well. The newbie was The Taking of Pelham 123. It grabbed the 3rd spot and $25 million bucks. The Hangover added another $33 million to its now insane $105 million dollars. And UP added an additional $30 million to raise its total to $187 million dollars. Terminator Salvation keeps ticking along with $4.6 million bringing its domestic total to $113 million and continuing the trend of Terminator movies making its big bank at foreign box office. Its made $212 million worldwide with more foreign box office totals waiting to come in. Star Trek scored $5.4 million and now has made $232 million in the US and $343 million worldwide. Wow. What a hit. It was good. Not as good a Terminator Salvation but, good. Angels and Demons has now hit $115 million in the US but, a sick massive $400 million worldwide. Drag Me To Hell took in $3.8 million and raised its total to $35 million. To note. The Sam Rockwell horror thriller MOON opened on 8 screens but, raked in a INSANE $18,000 per screen giving it $145,000 off 8 little screens. Wow. I am sure this will get a wider release.

Friday the 13th Part IV DVD Clip!

The Shocktillyoudrop.Com guys got a exclusive clip from the Friday the 13th Part IV The Final Chapter dvd thats coming out! Its involving the ending! Good Stuff. And lucky enough theres a embed for cheesy horror sites like this one.

Two more new H2 Pics!

This time some dead body pics (make fx) courtesy of Rob Zombie's myspace blog. If haven't been over there check it out at the link below.

Rob Zombie's Myspace

Halloween H2 Latest Pic

Here's a pic of Dr. Loomis (Malcolm McDowell) and Nancy McDonald (Mary Birdsong) walking down some hall. Credit: Rob Zombie's Myspace for the pic. Good stuff.

Horror At The Box Office

Well, so in its 2nd week Drag Me To Hell didn't do too bad. However, several new entries are heading the way. The Hangover (which looks great) scored a big $43 million for a comedy. UP continues with $44 million. Massive $137 million total to its credit. Drag Me To Hell pulled $7 more million for a total of $28 million. Not bad by horror standards. But, think people expected more on a summer horror movie. Kinda puts that $80 million Freddy vs Jason scored. Or this years Friday the 13th which scored $90 million worldwide. Slashers and Jason still rules horror. Terminator Salvation is trying its best with another $8 million. For a total of $105 million. And much like the previous two. It scored $99 million off foreign box office. For a total of $204 million. Officially pulling a profit. Its sad. I actually read reviews where people held Bale's rant against this movie. WTF.

Two bad ass "Doghouse" posters

From director Jake West comes Doghouse. Now here's the one sheet for this flick.

Captain Clegg and The Night Creatures Poster

Check out this really cool poster courtesy of Rob Zombie's Myspace.

Of course their the band performing in Halloween H2.

Drag Me To Hell Movie Review

Drag Me To Hell Movie Review

Well, we waited a long time for Sam Raimi to do another horror movie. And well. Maybe he should've called one Mr. Campbell and made Evil Dead 4. God, I was fired up for this. About 3 months ago. And then as time passed I started getting this nervous feeling that this was going to be some water downed supernatural horror movie. And it was. This followed a young bank loan officer played by Alison Lohman. Basically an old gyspy woman came in to the bank for a loan extension. And Alison is bucking up for a promotion so she refuses due to her manager saying she can not make tough decisions. Well, the gyspy woman has a sense of anger and curses the young woman's huh. Button. And gives it back to her. Well, from there all kinds of wanna be scares take place. I am open about the fact that I do not care for supernatural horror. However, some good ones have been done. Evil Dead 2. Amityville Horror. Exorcist. And usually anything to do with actual hell is creepy. That being said. Some of the scenes just came across as cheesy. The anvil to the head seemed a little cartoonish in a Wiley E. Coyote sort of way. Justin Long was good as always but, he can do much better. Think we might have been better off if Long was the one in danger. The ending I have to admit was predictable but, pretty good. So it was not all lost. I guess maybe it would have been hard to live up to the expectations of most Raimi fans. If your looking for something to just floor you in this then you will be disappointed. I would like like to see Raimi take a run at a slasher flick. Some how I think he might be able to write something twisted. But, in a year thats seen Friday the 13th, Last House on the Left, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Splinter, and Dead Snow. This would be basically my 6th best horror movie of the year out of those choices. And we have not even made H2 or The Final Destination. So yikes. And I am not sure it would even make the top 10 by the end of the year. There has been some serious great horror indy horror movies in the last few months. As Dead Snow was certainly along the lines of something that would've been great for Raimi's comeback. Sadly, you will not see anything of that quality or fun with Drag Me To Hell. Guess, it did Drag Me Through Hell for a hour and a half. 2.0 out of 5.0 axes. 1.0 for Justin Long. 1.0 for the ending. Unfortunately, it takes more than 10 good minutes to earn a better score from me.

Check out Michael Myers on Fangoria

Ok, so Michael strike a pose. Yes yes, beautiful. To the left. Yes. Now freeze. Look pouty. Hot. Check out Mike on Fangoria.

New Michael Myers Pic

Check it out courtesy of Rob Zombie's myspace blog:

Total Recall grabs writer

Total Recall grabs writer

It seems that Kurt Wimmer the writer of one of my favorite flicks Equilibrium is now looking to pen the remake for Total Recall. The original of course starred Arnold and Sharon Stone. Neal Moritz is set to produce through his Original Films.

Credit: Variety.Com

Horror At the Box Office

Ok, so we finally have an actual horror movie to report on at the box office. Drag Me To Hell had a strong opening weekend with $16.6 million. Very respectable for any horror film. Though, I have to admit I was guessing more in the neighborhood of $25 million. Its always tough opening against family friendly flicks. The animation flick "UP" pulled a massive $68 million. Terminator Salvation held decent with $16 million and raising its total to $90 million dollars. It will hit the $100 million mark but, was hurt by having to open against Night at the Museum 2 last week. Think T4 would've been better off opening couple weeks after Transformers 2. No word yet on foreign box office for T4 but, guessing it will haul in a ton just on foreign release. T2 and T3 grossed almost $300 million on foreign release alone. So it wouldn't surprise me to have T4 still flirt with the $400 million mark. Which is sad considering I think its the most gritty and serious of all the Terminator movies and definitely strongest from a acting standpoint. Most sites I've seen fans are giving it B grades so at least its getting some respect. Star Trek continues to hit with another $12 million raising its total to a worldwide $301 million. Wolverine took $3.9 million and now has $315 million worldwide. Angels and Demons broke the $100 million mark in the US and now has a staggering $206 million worldwide. Also on the side of being a sneaky blockbuster. The Knowing has now earned $150 million dollars worldwide. Bet you didn't know that.

Newest GI Joe Rise of Cobra Clip

Promo Trailer for Del Toro's The Strain

A Behind Scenes Halloween 2 Featurette

It seems that Dimension Films has launched a You Tube Horror Channel. Well, Halloween 2 has its own little inside look. Luckily, threw the power of embedding we can share. Check it.

The Final Destination Teaser Poster

Courtesy of UGO here's a look at "The Final Destination" teaser poster. Bad Ass.

US Trailer for the great "Dead Snow"

Legend of the Bog Trailer

Who knows if this will be worth a damn. But, if Vinny Jones is in it you can count me in. Check out the trailer for Legend of the Bog courtesy of STYD.Com.

Finally The Perfect Getaway Trailer!

From the director of Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick director David Twohy comes "A Perfect Getaway" starring Timothy Olyphant, Milla Jovovich, Steve Zahn. As couples run in to terror on a secluded adventure. Who doesn't want to see Olyphant as a potential psycho. That will be good stuff. I feel this will be a movie with a twist on who the real bad guys are. What twist I don't know. But, remember I called it.

Saw 6 Cast Speaks about the new chapter

Courtesy of Movie Entertainment here's their featurette on Saw 6 with interviews including Tobin Bell!

Chaw Trailer

Check out this bad ass trailer for "Chaw". Looks low budget and good.

30 second Halloween 2 Clip!

Courtesy of MTV News here's a clip from Zombie's sequel Halloween H2.

Terminator vs Night At The Museum 2 - Box Office Wars

Ok, so I waited another day to update you on weekend box office. Terminator Salvation opened to a strong $67 million dollars counting its Thursday run. Which is a insane $15,000 per screen. Opening on 4,000 screens was Ben Stiller's sequel to Night At The Museum. It raked in $70 million on $17,000 per screen. Wow. Wonder what these movie would've pulled if they hadn't been release vs each other. Star Trek continues to haul in the dough with another $29 million raising its total to $191 million in the US and $267 million dollars worldwide. Ouch. That thing is taking in the dough. Angels and Demons held ground with $27 million and its now sitting at $87 million and $189 million worldwide. Hell, Wolverine even brought in another $10 million and now sits at $310 million worldwide. Making it a bonafide success.

Terminator Salvation Movie Review

Ok, so now I get to review one of my most anticipated movies in a long time. I like anything that gives me the feeling of old school times. Friday the 13th, Batman, Starwars, etc. The Terminator film series is one that I hold near and dear to my heart. Well, that leads us to the newest Terminator entry called Terminator Salvation. We have Christian Bale as John Connor, Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright, and Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese. Now, I was worried about how Reese and Connor would be portrayed. When I tell you that Yelchin is spot on to Michael Biehn's character its almost scary. Facial expressions, movements, and laying dialog is dead on. And Bale delivers his usual strong commanding performance. I've read some reviews regarding Bale seeming too hard for this role. Really? How is the leader of the resistance supposed to act. Sam Worthington is quickly marching his way to being the next big thing. Hard to believe this guy had a bit part in the croc thriller "Rogue" course, hell he stole the scenes he was in even in that. Now there are plenty of nods toward the previous films and it stays true to the story line of the 3 other movies. But, folks this is not your normal popcorn Terminator movie. The general feel of this movie is of a very realistic raw environment that has been destroyed. The characters are complex and deep. And there are several fan boy nods to make any Terminator fan happy. I won't ruin it for you by spoilers but, this movie should get a best picture nomination even though these movies never do. It was a real epic movie with larger than life effects but, it was more realistic that some of the previous Terminators if you ask me. This will be a must own on dvd and hell I may go see it again on the big screen. So far. Its the best movie of the year. And honestly and it may seem insane but, I consider this movie to be the gem of the Terminator series. The effects are grand but, some how come across as being raw and gritty. You feel real emotion from the characters. I give this movie 5 out of 5 axes.

Surrogates Trailer

SURROGATES trailer in HD

Bloody Michael Myers from Halloween H2

Here's a photo thats dropped from MTV News. Of a bloody Michael Myers. Evidently, there will be a clip from Halloween H2 coming Sunday on their Behind the Scene show. Here's the pic and follow the link for more info:

MTV Movie Blog

V Trailer

Here's a look at the trailer for the upcoming reboot of V.

Terminator Grosses $3 million off Midnight Shows

Terminator Salvation has begun terminating other films at midnight last night. A nice $3 million gross was shot up last night. Should be a huge weekend. Terminator is going up against Night at the Museum 2.

AntiChrist picked up by IFC and 3 Clips

After the great pub I'm hearing about Antichrist starring Willem Dafoe its with great pleasure to tell you IFC Films has picked up the movie. Which supposely their is a bloody sex scene in (god thank you). And here's 3 Clips!

2 Clips from "V" reboot

Latest Scout Taylor Compton Video Blog from H2 Set

Haunting In Connecticut DVD Art and Specs

Here's the dvd art and specs for Haunting In Connecticut dvd. It drops July 14th.

• Commentary track with Director Peter Cornwell, Co-writer Adam Simon, Producer Andrew Trapani and Editor Tom Elkins
• Commentary track with Cornwell, Virginia Madsen and Kyle Gallner
• Deleted scenes with optional commentary
• Two Dead Boys: Making of The Haunting in Connecticut featurette
• The Fear is Real: Re-Investigating the Haunting featurette
• Memento Mori: The History of Post Mortem Photography featurette
• Anatomy of a Haunting featurette

Credit: Dvd Active

3 Transformers 2 TV Spots

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen "Forms" from Bay Films/Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen "It's On.." from Bay Films/Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen "Greatest Enemy" from Bay Films/Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

Dolan's Cadillac Trailer

Dolan's Cadillac Trailer

I'm not a massive Stephen King fan. Although, I loved IT, Dreamcatcher, and The Mist. That being said heres the trailer to Dolan's Cadillac starring Christian Slater, Wes Bentley, and Emmanuelle Vaugier.

Shocktillyoudrop.Com scored the trailer and embed. thanks guys.

New Moon Teaser Poster

Ok, normally I don't report or post on Twilight news. I am sorry. I missed the greatness that is a flick that is basically Lost Boys with all the action and blood taken out. Blah. But, heres the poster for New Moon.

Box Office Update

Ok, so it was a big weekend at the box office as Tom Hanks starrer and Ron Howard directed sequel Angels and Demons got released. It of course would be going up against the 2nd week of Star Trek. And the continued solidness of Wolverine. And frankly all 3 films did well. Angels and Demons opened at $48 million and in first place. Which is not massive but, damn solid. Now Star Trek had a damn fine 2nd weekend with another $43 million dollars. Raising its total to a scary $147 million in two weeks. Wolverine hit another $14 million raising its total to highly strong $151 million. There were no horror releases. Although Angels and Demons is a thriller and has some religious elements. Also I wanted to point out some crazy worldwide totals: Angels and Demons has already made $104 million dollars in foreign box office. Therefore despite a $150 million budget its made a $2 million dollar profit after one weekend. Wow. StarTrek has made a solid $49 million in foreign boxoffice for a worldwide total of $196 million. Quite a take in two weeks and its a damn good flick for the record. Then Wolverine has taken $123 million in foreign box office and $151 million in the USA thats a staggering $274 million and well above its $150 million dollar budget.

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines Movie Review

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines Movie Review

Ok, so here's the review for the 3rd Terminator in the famous trilogy as part of the lead up toward the release of Terminator Salvation. It follows the path laid down from James Cameron. Now, unlike alot of people of I found this movie to be quite entertaining. Now for any of us to really think it was going to be as good as the previous two. Well, now come on. And to follow T2. Which is probably in the top 10 greatest action movies ever. It centers on John Connor and his continued escape from a new Terminator. Who happens to be a extremely hot female actress named Kristanna Loken as the T-X. Which is essentially the T-1000 Terminator that Robert Patrick made famous souped up. And we have Arnold reprising his famous role of The Terminator this time as the protecter of John Connor like the previous one. Now, I found this Terminator to not be as deep as the previous ones however, it was a damn good action movie. And it did have several interesting points. Like the fact that Judgement Day did not get stopped. And the introduction of Katherine Brewster who will appear in the next film. And I find Nick Stahl to be light years a better actor that Edward Furlong ever thought of being. Now some of the action in this movie played a little too much like a 80's action movie but, thats ok consider The Terminator is a product of the 80's to begin with. Anyway, some of the effects were very good and the director opted for some old school effects in alot of places where CGI would have taken over. And frankly thats a good thing. There is too much CGI in movies these days. There was never a way for this to match T2. It wasn't going to happen. But, I think some of dirt this movie takes is from fanboys frankly. Some of the things I've read around the net is about oh they didn't match this right with this etc. Jesus, if your breaking shit down to that point. Just keep watching Harry Potter movies. Because you have no business venturing outside of your apartment. Really? Anyway, sorry. Claire Danes is always solid. Arnold continues his nice one liners making any actual Arnold fan happy. Now, I have a issue. I am sorry but, I would have rather seen a bad ass action star play the other Terminator. Anyway, this is a extremely enjoyable popcorn action movie that leads us down a solid path that would be Terminator Salvation. And the ending was tremendous with Judgement Day actually happening. It was frankly unexpected and that made it great. I give this 4.0 out of 5 axes. And is of course a must own.

Terminator Movie Review

Terminator Movie Review

Ok, so the 8 year old, the gf, and me are preparing for the release of Terminator Salvation by revisting the greatness that is the original Terminator trilogy. The first one we watched was the original James Cameron classic Terminator. This of course starred Arnold, Linda Hamilton, and a genre legend Michael Biehn. Now for me Michael Biehn is interesting. Always liked him and he always seemed to be one movie away from being a massive star but, it just never happened. He's been regulated since the 80's to failed TV Series and several smaller roles in various movies. Anyway, as we know James Cameron has done a ton of great movies not named Titanic (ugh). Now when you watch this movie for the most part it still holds up well to the times. It does have some stop motion effects which are a little poor now. But, for the most part the machine attack bots, and most of Arnold's make up is pretty good. Arnold was a star when this movie came out with the bodybuilding audience and with Conan fans. But, this was the breakout movie for Arnold. Leading to classic roles in Predator, Commando, The Running Man, and Raw Deal. Linda Hamilton was very different in this movie which is perfect to show her development from this film as a timid young lady to a ball busting muscle bitch in the sequel T2. There were some great action sequences in this movie and there is still something to be said for a some good shoot outs. We also have the infamous Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor love making scene. Which of course would spawn the great John Connor. However, Kyle Reese's confession of love was cheesy as hell considering he had never even met this gal. Oh well. Now, I can see giving this movie 5 axes back in the 80's. But, part of movies for me is holding up over time. It does seem alittle dated. I would take off from the original Star Wars for this same reason however, films like Empire and Jedi do hold the test of time as the effects are much better. All in all this is still a classic. With Bill Paxton having a small punk rocker role in the beginning which is great. Who knew he would become a massive star one day having his own massive blockbuster in Twister and a great little horror flick named Fraility. And now a successful and very good tv show on HBO named Big Love. Of course this is a must own. And has been part of my dvd collection for at least 5 years now. Enjoy this before the new one drops. 4.0 axes out of 5.

The Road Trailer

The Road Trailer

Here is the amazing trailer for The Road starring Charlize Theron, Viggo Mortensen, Guy Pierce, and Robert Duvall. Check it out at the link below.

The Road Trailer

Drag Me To Hell Clip 2

Sorry guys there was no embed for this one. Click the link below for the next clip!

Drag Me To Hell Clip 2

5 Minute Terminator Salvation Clip

Ok. So I'm getting more and more pumped for the new Terminator. I watched G4's special yesterday. It looks great. Check out this clip from Pizza Hut's Terminator Salvation site.

5 Minute Terminator Clip

Star Trek 09 Movie Review

Ok, so I have to confess before I go in to this particular review. I am not in any way a Trekkie. I am however, a massive Star Wars fan. Which usually causes a bit of a vs. feeling among fans. In my honest opinion I hate most of the previous Star Trek movies. The only one I found even half enjoyable was The Wrath of Khan. And thats because of the villian. Nothing against Shatner. He's highly over the top and enjoyable. But, most of those movies lack action and bored me to tears. So pardon me if I wasn't leaping to the theater to see Star Trek but, I was somewhat interested in what a reboot might bring. Well, many Star Trek fans will hate me for this. But, who cares. Your movie was alot more Star Wars this time than Star Trek. Of course they kept all the same characters but, this time gave them real life. Kirk played by Chris Pine did a great job of bringing Captain Kirk to life. With a very Han Solo rebel without a cause feeling. Yes I said Han Solo. Lol. Its my highest respects as next to Indiana Jones is my alltime fav movie character. The movie had some really good action scenes in space and on the enemy ship. I am a Eric Bana fan but, frankly I thought he could have been much more vicious. I also appreciated a really good backstory on Captain Kirk. Giving me a reason to care about the character which in previous films I just kept thinking kill him and bring on Patrick Stewart already. Now some of the action scenes had the camera moving too fast and almost making them blurry which is a mistake I am noticing more and more these days with movies. The first Leonard Nimoy cameo seemed a little cheesy to be honest. But, the one at the end was much more rewarding I think. Simon Pegg and Karl Urban (how this guy isn't a major player yet is beyond me) also were extremely likable as Scotty and McCoy. Then comes Zachary Quinto as Spock. Hmmm.. At first I thought what the hell is Eli Roth doing playing Spock. Lol. By the end of the movie he had grown on me some. All in all. I hope they make a sequel... Which is a damn sight more than I could ever said about the originals. J.J Abrams is killer as a director. And this is a super summer flick. I give it 4.0 axes out 5.0. The subtraction comes from blurry angles on action scenes, Bana not being evil enough, and Nimoy's first cameo coming off as cheesy. I will say this will be the first Star Trek to enter my dvd collection though. Which says alot from a Star Wars fan.

Drag Me To Hell Clip 1

I wanted to embed the new Drag Me To Hell Clip via Movie fone but, their embed's not working. Anyway, its pretty cool. Click the below link to go see it.

Drag Me To Hell Clip

Second Promo for Second 2 of True Blood!

Two New Danielle Harris Pics from H2 Filming.

Here's two new pics from Halloween H2 set featuring the great Rob Zombie, Tyler Mane, and Danielle Harris with a few scars. Good Stuff.

Credit: Robzombie's Myspace

Saw VI Nearing The End

Coming straight from the horses mouth's are coming in from the completion of Saw VI. Should be very interesting to see how this turns out. Here's a snippet from My Torture Porn

"In less than an hour, we will resume our penultimate Final Day of Saw VI shooting. The scene we were working on yesterday is so complex that the producers decided to give me another day to shoot, and I’m deeply honored, because it proves they agree that this is a fantastic movie. Tomorrow we shoot the last of the inserts, then I’m off to the editing room for the next stage of the journey. The cast and crew are visibly exhausted (I know I am…), but the mood is amazingly upbeat, and I sense a lot of well-justified pride all around.

Check out the full site at MyTorturePorn


Seriously BadAss Gamer Trailer

Ok, so this is about a gamer playing guys live action in a contest ala' The Running Man or Death Race. Except. The great Gerard Butler is in it and Manson is playing in the f'ing trailer!

Posters for Cotton and And Soon The Darkness

The guys at First Showing scored some serious posters at Cannes. Check the Eli Roth poster for Cotton. Good stuff. Enjoy

Credit: FirstShowing.Net

30 minutes of deleted scenes on T4 dvd and alternate ending!

Ok, guys the people over at Collider.Com got some seriously great info from McG the director of Terminator Salvation. Including 30-40 minutes of deleted scenes and a alternate ending thats a complete spoiler. Click the link below to see the interview with McG and Collider.Com - Collider.Com

Dread Preview Clip

Here's a pretty cool clip from the film adaptation of Cliver Barker's Dread. Check it out.

StarTrek grabs weekend box office

Well, its been a serious opening to the summer box office festival. And StarTrek is the talk of the 2nd weekend of the season. The reboot from JJ Abrams brought in a serious $76 million dollars. That being said Wolverine dropped but, still gathered a nice $27 million dollars. Bringings its 10 day to a strong $129 million bones.

District 9 Trailer

Star Trek finally scores big

Star Trek finally scores big

Being a Star Wars guy I am ashamed to say I am somewhat interested in seeing Star Trek. It looks fresh. And maybe full of action which was always my issue with the other movies. They just bored me to tears. The only one I can remember being worth a shit was The Wrath of Khan. Other than that. BORING. Well, now the buzz is wearing me down. And Star Trek scored a massive $33 million dollars on its opening day. Making it far and away the highest opening day for any Star Trek movie. Predictions are bringing it in some where in the the neighborhood of $70 million or more dollars. Now I must point out Wolverine was still a little higher. lol.. But, this is still pretty impressive.

Terminator Salvation Extended Trailer. Wow!

Dark Castle Has The Apparition

Writer-director, producer Todd Lincoln has grabbed his second project in a month. The latest film is The Apparition. It will be more haunted house action from the studio that brought us good horror movies like The House on Haunted Hill, Ghost Ship, and 13 Ghosts. Supposely the idea is cooked up on true events.

New Halloween H2 Poster

Check out this new Halloween H2 Poster by way of Rob Zombie's Myspace. Looks pretty cool.

2 Drag Me To Hell TV Spots

Here's two TV Spots from Sam Raimi's return to horror Drag Me To Hell. I still cringe when I here rated "PG 13". I hope I'm wrong.

Doghouse Trailer

Doghouse Trailer

Here's the trailer for the indie flick Doghouse about a group of divorced guys going on a getaway straight in to the mouth of a bunch of zombie like pissed off women. The trailer looks great. It gets a UK release of July 14th.

Rec 2 Site Official Opens and Rec gets release date

Rec 2 Site Official Opens and Rec gets release date

The official site has officially launched for the upcoming sequel to Rec uniquely named Rec 2. Check it out. Also Sony Home Entertainment has announced that the original Rec will come out July 14th.

Rec 2 Official Site

Derek Mears gets some MTV Nom love

Upon glancing down the MTV Movie Award nominations I saw two things that stood out. Oh jesus, Twilight was terrible and it got nominated like 7 freaking times. Jesus. People surely thought more of movies than that. Right? And the next was Friday the 13th and more accurately Derek Mears getting a Best Villain nomination for his version of Jason Voorhees. I have said from the first trailer through seeing the film that Derek was a hockey mask wearing shark with a machete in the new Friday reboot and its good seeing him get some love. Way to do Derek.You Can Vote Here!

True Blood Season 2 promo

True Blood Season 2 promo

As much as I didn't want to like it I really liked True Blood. Its a southern mix of sex, violence etc. nice. Check out the promo from HBO. And check out the series starting June 14th. Its damn good.