Horror At the Box Office

Welp here we are. Another summer movie week in the books. And The Hangover continued its dominance. Of course, UP did as well. The newbie was The Taking of Pelham 123. It grabbed the 3rd spot and $25 million bucks. The Hangover added another $33 million to its now insane $105 million dollars. And UP added an additional $30 million to raise its total to $187 million dollars. Terminator Salvation keeps ticking along with $4.6 million bringing its domestic total to $113 million and continuing the trend of Terminator movies making its big bank at foreign box office. Its made $212 million worldwide with more foreign box office totals waiting to come in. Star Trek scored $5.4 million and now has made $232 million in the US and $343 million worldwide. Wow. What a hit. It was good. Not as good a Terminator Salvation but, good. Angels and Demons has now hit $115 million in the US but, a sick massive $400 million worldwide. Drag Me To Hell took in $3.8 million and raised its total to $35 million. To note. The Sam Rockwell horror thriller MOON opened on 8 screens but, raked in a INSANE $18,000 per screen giving it $145,000 off 8 little screens. Wow. I am sure this will get a wider release.

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