Jason Voorhees Tribute and Murderer from B.I.G. Sergio

Attack The Block Review

Alright, so I haven't done many reviews lately are even updated the site. My bad. So I am playing catch up. Here comes the foreign flick Attack The Block. This movie centers on a bunch of hoodlums in London fighting aliens. Yeah, thats what I said. This movie stars John Boyega as Moses. The leader of these little hoodlums. The movie starts with a alien dropping out of the sky and landing on top of a car. Which we find seems to be there place of choice to land. Cars come out real bad in this flick. Anyway, the aliens aren't the most special effects driven monsters ever. Think Critters meets Planet of the Apes. With glow in the dark teeth. This movie does not have the epic feel that a alien invasion flick normally would have like Independance Day or Battle: LA. This movie however, does have one thing going for it. Chemistry. These kids are a complete hoot with their bad manners and just shitty disposition. And for some odd reason I thought about Goonies and Stand By Me while watching this. I know that's going to seem like a stretch but, as these kids come together and take action it becomes a great ride. There is not a whole lot of gore. And the special effects are limited. But, there is plenty of violence and humor. And the lead played by John Boyega is a home run. This kid could have a big time future in movies. He will remind you of 50 Cent if 50 was a pure actor and about 15 years old. Nick Frost of Shaun of the Dead fame even lends about 15 minutes of total screen time to the flick. Basically, for comic relief but, he sorely misses Simon Pegg. There is fantastic on screen rapport between a young lady that is originally mugged by the kids and the kids themselves. And while low budget alien movies like District 9 gets great reviews. Frankly, this beats that crap all to hell. The direction, scripting, and general action sequences are worth the price of admission and this is a really good popcorn flick. I give it 4 out of 5 axes. The only missing axe is for the lack of money spent on effects but, I think you will mostly find you do not care. Enjoy this indy gem.

Cannibal Holocaust Review

Well, I'm back again with a another review for your ass... This time it's the horrid controversial Cannibal Holocaust. There is actually people out there that believes this is a real documentary. Well... No. It's a movie. It's a found footage film from 1980 and was made on about $100,000. This movie is of course notable for it's real animal kills and there are a couple of other kills that to this day people wonder if it is snuff. The movie centers around a group of film makers that travel to South America to study cannibals. And a professor that goes to South America to find them and their camera footage. Let's just say the professor makes out alot better than the film makers. This movie is was little different than what I expected. I was thinking the film makers were victims. They are not. And I will leave it at that. This movie has a extreme amount of gore. Some real. And I found the animal killing just uncalled for. And I am by no means a prude. Some of my favorite horror films are The Hills Have Eyes and High Tension. So gore does not bother me. You get the feel that this movie was made strictly for shock value. Which to be honest. I generally like. But, it comes across at some point as just a snuff film (which it is not). People are right this is a sick and in some parts just revolting flick. At the same time. It makes you almost root for the cannibals at the end. And that in itself is rather interesting. There is a certain innocence to the cannibals and you feel flat ass bad for them at some points. Which was an unexpected feeling coming in to this. I will warn you. Do NOT rent this expecting a Saturday night slasher flick with the girlfriend. This is one of those flicks I watched with my fiancee out of town just to do a review on it and finally to just have seen it. And people are right. The gloves are WAY off. This is full of rape, full frontal nudity (penis' and vaginas everywhere), animal killing (real), and some serious dismemberment. Sounds great but, this was well beyond anything you get out of Last House on the Left or even the Hills Have Eyes. And leaves you thinking WTF?
I will give this 2.5 axes out of 5. It was exactly what it was supposed to be... At some points I thought this is actually good...