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FX Orders American Horror Story Season 5

The greatness that is American Horror Story will continue for another season.  FX has officially ordered up Season 5. 

The Season 4 premiere of AHS: Freak Show grabbed 10 million viewers this past week.  And was seriously demented for something on basic cable TV. 

Also, this season features the return of The Shield's Michael Chiklis.  He of course was partially responsible for building FX's popularity through his show The Shield.

In the next episode of "Freak Show," airing Wednesday night: A citywide curfew threatens to shut down the Freak Show. A strongman from Ethel’s troubled past arrives at camp. Gloria arranges a terrifying play date for Dandy. The Tattler Twins reveal a talent that could knock Elsa from the spotlight.

The Walking Dead Returns to BIG Ratings!

I have to admit I have been way down on The Walking Dead the last two seasons.  With shows like Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Sons of Anarchy coming down the home stretch my fired up feeling had just became a mere flicker. 

But, The Walking Dead returned with what I thought was the best episode in two seasons.  And the ratings agree. 

The Walking Dead beat out Sunday Night Football (no easy feat ever).  It took in 17.3 million viewers and 11 million in the 18-49 demo.  And a massive 22 million in time shifted results. 

The previous ratings record for an episode of "The Walking Dead" was 16.1 million total viewers and 10.4 million viewers 18-49 for the season four premiere, live/same day. With seven days of DVR playback included, the season four premiere delivered 21.1 million total viewers and 13.9 million adults 18-49, becoming the most highly-rated episode in cable television history.

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Underworld gets TV Series

While recently there was a report of a possible Underworld spin off starring "Divergent" star Theo James taking the leading role.

We seemed to get the notion that Kate Beckingsale would be sitting out the franchise.  The plans for the franchise are more deeper than that. Appearing at the New York Comic Con this weekend, "Underworld" director Len Wiseman (and Beckinsale's husband) tells IGN that the British actress is not done yet with Underworld.

In fact three separate projects are in development - the aforementioned spin-off film featuring some of the supporting characters from previous films aka 'Rise of the Lycans, another sequel with Beckinsale returning as Selene, and a TV series spin-off.

Resident Evil TV Show Coming!

With the upcoming Resident Evil: The Final Chapter coming in 2016 and beginning shooting in mid-2015.  Comes the news that a possible TV show is on the way.

Along with announcing TV series based on some of its films like the Ben Whishaw-led "Perfume" and the young adult supernatural tale "The Mortal Instruments," the company used the Mipcom TV market in Cannes to announce that "Resident Evil" will also live on as a TV series.

 Specifically the plan is to adapt the property as a TV series to air after the final film has been released. Whether this will continue events or serve as a straight up reboot, it's unclear at this time.

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Cult Actor Michael Ironside shares a Christian Bale tale from "The Machinist"

I remember on The Machinist, I came to work one day, and we were shooting in Barcelona, Spain, and our trailers were these little Spanish 2-wheeled cabanas that were parked in front of this actual working machine shop. And I heard "pssst...Michael!" from behind one of the cabanas.

    And I went over, and it was Chris. And he said, "Can you look at this?" And he turned and dropped his overalls, which he was naked under. And he had lost an INCREDIBLE amount of weight for the character. And he said "Michael, there's something wrong with my ass, can you have a look?"

    And the muscles in his ass had literally dropped out of the sockets of his hips. The dignity of the muscles, his ass had literally dropped out of the hips and thigh bones. And I said, "Hey Chris, your ass has dropped." And he said, "What do you mean?"

    And I said, "You've stopped losing body fat, and now you're actually losing elasticity of muscles" - I forget the exact medical term for it, but I said, "You've gone beyond body fat, and now you're into actual muscle tissue and things are being affected."

    And he turned - I wasn't sure how he was going to react - and he turned, and said, "Cool". And I said to him "Cool?" He said "Yeah, I made weight today." And what he meant was that when he writer wrote the script, the writer was 5 foot six and he put his own weights in, so he used his own weights for somebody who would be losing weight.

    So Chris made the weight of either 137 or 127 - so he said "Don't change the weights in the script, I want to see if I can make them." And that was the day they shot the scene with him and the love interest, Jen Lee - it's the scene where he's in the bathroom and she says "are you losing weight" and he turns and looks like a skeleton.

    So the weights he puts on the wall, that is his ACTUAL weight. He wanted to make the weights that the original writer put in, in relation to himself. And Christian is 6 foot, 2 inches. And he did. He started putting on weight again after that day... When I saw him again at Sundance 6 months later, he had put on almost 60 pounds of muscle to get ready for Batman. He walked in and looked like a linebacker.

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