Lost Boys The Thirst Movie Review

Well, in a day full of catching up on reviews we add Lost Boys The Thirst to the fold. The 3rd in the Lost Boys trilogy of which 2 are of the infamous direct to dvd variety. The 2nd Lost Boys was not great. It was cool to see Corey Feldman and all but, face it.. Pretty subpar with the historic nature of the first one. That being said. The 3rd one. Well, I have to admit. Not a hell of a lot of plot development. We have a captured boy. Who is supposed to be a chick's brother. She enlists the help of Edgar Frog to get her brother back due to his skills as a vampire killer. Evidently, he's a known vampire slayer now which still lives in the beat up mobile home.. Vampire killing must not pay what it used to. Anyway, after the 2nd one I have to admit I was not expecting alot. Or much of anything. And guess what. I get a pretty solid little action horror movie. In fact I have to say I found this flick pretty likable. New characters like alittle comic book gal who has a liking for Mr. Frog. His brother who has fell on some hard times. A reality action star and his side kick. Now in some parts it falls victim to the direct to dvd effects curse of too much digital blood. But, it still whipped the hell out of the 2nd one. A nice amount of action and jokes makes this pretty entertaining. Essentially, Edgar gets to rescue a boy and possibly kill off the head honcho vampire who happens to be going around the world throwing raves in order to recruit more vamps. Edgar has to crash the rave, kill the baddie, and rescue the boy. Feldman is his usual over the top growling voice one liner machine as Edgar Frog but, thats not a bad thing. And of course it comes no where near the seriousness of the 80s classic Lost Boys which had a allstar cast. They also took some what of a Blade angle in this movie with sword fights and techno music but, again it works provided you don't take this too seriously. All in all I give this 4 out of 5 axes. I know that sounds high but, it was a highly likable flick and would've been a better sequel instead of threequel.

30 Days of Night: Dark Days Movie Review

Wow, I am knocking out a lot of reviews all of the sudden. Next up is the sequel to the 30 Days of Night flick this time in direct to dvd fashion. This movie stars a actress that I am a major fan of which is Kiele Sanchez. Oh yeah. One of my favorite new shows is The Glades and she also starred in maybe my favorite thriller of the last year which was The Perfect Getaway. Now, I must warn you I am a big fan of vampire flicks provided they stay away from the horseshit too much sugar in your tank versions which are Twilight. I want to see the slick man eater version like these movies have or From Dusk Till Dawn versions of vampires. So normally we know that direct to dvd horror sequels can be total crap ie: Lost Boys 2. Which will leave you asking wtf happened to my favorite characters or wtf in general. Ok, so Kiele is replacing Melissa George's character from the first movie who is now writing books and trying to expose vampires to the world. No body believes her except for some vampire hunters who also lost loved ones to vampires and now their trying to kill a queen played by Mia "oh my" Kirchner. Thank you for the ass shot guys. Appeciate it. God, I'm a pig. Ok, anyway, she joins the hunt after being talked in to it. And we're off from there. Instead of the Alaska country side we have the city and a boat this time where most of the action will take place. And it does lead you in to all the typical vamp shit such as dark rooms, bloody mouths, sunlight kills, etc. That being said this movie still retained a very clean look and the effects were strong for a direct to dvd flick. The acting isn't Oscar winning but, in a good horror movie it shouldn't be (Sixth Sense F you). There is good chemistry between Kiele's character and one of the male hunters and they develop alittle caring and you know that will go bad. One of the things I did not care for was the very ending of the movie. I am not caring for that restoring of vamps with some blood shit after being burnt to a crisp. Ahh thats crap and lost a complete axe just for that. That being said. Its a good watch and one of the better direct to dvd flicks in a long time. Not great like Splinter but, definitely pretty good. I wasn't in love with the first one unlike most of my buddies who thought it was the greatest flick in a long time. I did however, enjoy this one quite a bit. I give it 3.5 out of 5 axes. Gore. Check. Non fruity vamps. Check. Hot chicks. Check. Enjoy. Check.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Review

Ok, so I finally get to put in the review for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake or reboot flick brought to us from the guys at Platinum Dunes. I tend to believe that all Platinum Dunes remakes have a love or hate relationship with horror fans. I think alot of fans hate these flicks just because they believe their principles of horror are being raped if they like them. Please. Whatever. I believe if it means for the most part they give me a entertaining flick involving some horror icons like Jason Voorhees or Leatherface then so be it. I've also noticed that on various horror sites around the web movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th got great reviews during the first 2 days of its release. But, after a few days guys realized it was cool to start the fan boy hate shit they started bashing those flicks. Whatever part 2. The Revenge. So this time we have Nightmare on Elm Street this time with Freddy Krueger getting portrayed by Jackie Earle Haley. Jackie was like a major internet fanboy wish come true when they were casting this movie. And this strayed from the other remakes in the fact that it did have some more realism however, due to the hauntings coming from dreams they had to keep alittle of the supernatural aspect. Essentially it follows some of the same principles of the original. That being said. I never was a big Elm Street guy. Didn't find Freddy particularly funny and always thought far and away the best one was Dream Warriors which was part 3 of the original series of flicks. Honestly, for the first time since all the remakes got started I was actually missing a original actor. Yeah guys. I was missing Robert England. Or maybe it was me missing Freddy's voice or wise cracks of the original movies. But, something about this look of Freddy and sound of Freddy just didn't do a damn thing for me. The movie did provide a fairly decent backstory of Freddy and showed Haley out of the makeup quite a bit. Nancy was a character in this flick but, I was missing the original Nancy also. Not that this Nancy was bad just didn't provide alot of the buy in I was hoping for. And Kyle Gallner continues to pop up in horror movies all over the place. But, I didn't care for his character and kept thinking I wish he would die. The best part of this movie I thought was the opening scene in the Springwood Diner. However, it did not have NEAR the impact of the opening scene from Friday the 13th which I contend is the best 20 minutes in recent horror history. Anyway, this flick is watchable. That being said for a fan of the Platinum Dunes remakes this movie did fall short for me. I would have rather seen them just get me a Friday sequel. I would say I would give it 2.5 axes out of 5. I think die hard Elm Street fans will probably embrace this but, not so much for me....

Splice Movie Review

Well, I got to say.. Splice is rather unique and that isn't always a good thing. Its the story of two scientists played by Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody that decide to create a creature in order to further scientists toward cures for various diseases. Some times good intentions go bad. And so does this movie. They basically create a Species type being that has some human characteristics however, its made from human dna and various animals. Well, hmmm. Sounds interesting. Especially, if a military unit was called in to kill it.. Course, that doesn't happen. And I like character building and story telling. But, for a movie dubbed as a horror movie. Well, the horror was it took like 60 minutes for anything to happen. Also, although it didn't bother me some will definitely be alittle freaked out by a scene between Adrien Brody and the creature. Wait till you see it. Anyway, they end up having to move this thing from the lab to a country house and the movie takes off a little from there. There are couple deaths. Honestly, if this could have found a way to have fit the first 60 minutes in to 20 and then had a lot of killing and creature hunting then great. But, they didn't and frankly I was bored to damn tears. Especially considering the two actors in this movie. I am a big fan of both but, this is neither Predators or Dawn of the Dead and frankly this flick could've used alittle influence of either or both. This movie was simply too slow paced and there really wasn't any real gore to speak of nor was there enough stalking of the creature to build suspense. All in all. I had high hopes for this flick. That never panned out. I give this like 1 out of 5 axes. As the 1 is for the film being in focus. God, this was disappointing.

Horror At The Box Office

Ok, yet another week and another edition of horror at the box office. We can tell its nearing Halloween. Horror is ruling the box office again. Paranormal Activity 2 dropped this weekend to an insane $41 million dollars. With a budget of $3 million its going to be one of the more profitable movies ever. Already. The only horror movie in the top 10 was My Soul To Take grabbing just over $1 million dollars. Jackass 3D nabbed another $21 million. Total at $87 million dollars. Wow. Red hung tough at $15 million which is not much under its first week take. So it held strong. It stands at $44 million. Nothing else notable to harp on so... I'm out.

Piranha 3D Review

Ok, so I will be the first to tell you. I really didn't care to see this flick. Although it was directed by The Hills Have Eyes and High Tension helmer Alexandre Aja. He also hurt my whole opinion with a movie called Mirrors. Ugh. You automatically think anything with him directing and Kiefer starring would be gold. More like trash. Anyway, this is of course the story of a underwater earthquake opening up a lair of prehistoric man eating perch. Yeah, I'm sorry but, Piranha look like perch. Anyway, I have to tell you. Hmmm. This movie was horribly corny, had one painful digital kill scene, and huh.... I loved it. Yeah. Loved it. I will tell you. I am a gore hound. The gorer the better. And let me tell you. There is a scene involving some spring breakers and these little fish that will leave you going.. Holy shit. Sure its your typical kid leaves the little kids home alone who of course go off and get in a bind and then the mom comes to rescue plot. But, theres a great cameo of Richard Dreyfus doing a ode to Jaws. Elizabeth Shue is well hot. Throw in alittle Ving Rhames, Eli Roth, and Jerry "they ate my penis" O' Connell and you have terrible, corny, gory magic. That shit was horrific. Lol. And nobody does they ate my penis like Jerry. And I wonder as I sit here. Is this the goriest movie I've ever seen? I mean there is Chainsaw 2 which was pretty gory. Friday's had gore. Lotsa of Zombie flicks have gore. This thing really wants to take the title. And some of the kills were corny but, very fun. This is most definitely worth a watch as long as you don't expect some Oscar winning effects or acting. Its exactly what its supposed to be. A movie about fish eating people. How serious can it be? I'll give it a 4 out 5 axes. The 1 missing axe is for the death at the beginning that is terribly digital and seems low budget as hell. This is like they took a Final Destination movie and through in some Jaws and took away like $20 million in budget and said go make a movie.

Jeremy Renner and Tom Cruise Pics from MI 4

Ok, so its a horror site but, I really enjoyed the first two Mission Impossible movies. The 3rd ugh. Anyway, heres a couple pics from Jeremy Renner and Tom Cruise in MI 4. Very cool. Hopefully Renner won't pull an Emilo and die in the first 3 mins.

Justified Season 2 Trailer

Ok, I know its not horror. But, I love this show. Now if Dish and Fox just get back together. Or i'm f*cked.

Horror At The Box Office

Well, its supposed to be horror at the box office.. But, well, guess their would have to be something to actually be there to talk about. Just to let you know the non horror projects, Jackass 3d, Red, and The Social Network all had the top 3 spots. Jackass took in a insane $50 million dollars. Wow. That shit is pretty funny though. The action comedy heavyweight Red took in $22 million. Kind hard to believe that a movie with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren got schooled by a buncha dudes doing stunts.. Damn I took the wrong profession. The Social Network grabbed another solid $11 million. Raising its strong total to $63 million after 3 weeks. And has a grabbed $3 million in foreign markets for a $66 million haul. The Town which I recently saw and really liked and have been meaning to do an actual review took in $4 million and add in a solid $19 mil from foreign markets and its taken in a hair under $100 million and will probably hit it by the time I'm done typing. As for horror.. Well, Case 39 took another $1.2 million giving it $11.9 million leaving it the highest current horror total when you factor in a surprising $14 million from foreign tallys. So its officially broke a profit at $26.9 million with a budget of $26 million. My Soul To Take took $3.1 million. The Wes Craven machine has sputtered along with a $11 million total under its $25 million budget. But, course dvd sales and rentals will eventually turn a profit. Let Me In took in $839,000 for a total of $11 million. Showing US audiences are saying don't let me in the theater. Now, Devil has took $990,000 and raises its mark to $31 million. Throw in $11 million overseas and thats $42 million. Not bad. On a side note. Piranha 3d which I think alot of people thought flopped broke even with $24 million in the US which is exactly its budget. But, has taken in a total of $63 million with foreign dollars. So guess what? Its a hit. Wow...

Bootleg Scream 4 Trailer

Drive Angry Trailer

A Chance In Hell Trailer

Hoffman vs Jill Saw 3D Clip

Funtime Music Show Interviews The Kottonmouth Kings

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New TV Spot for "The Walking Dead"

Liotta, Slater, Rhames Going for a Trip Down "The River"

It looks as if Ray Liotta, Ving Rhames, and Christian Slater are going to be in a indie thriller called "The River Sorrow". Liotta and Slater play a detective and FBI agent respectively and Rhames plays Liotta's best friend and captain. Gisele Fraga and Sarah Ann Schultz also star. Rich Cowan directs from a script by Steve Anderson. Cowan, Tay Voye, Dan Toll and Schultz will produce. Shooting kicks off next week in Washington.

Credit: Variety.com

Horror At The Box Office

Back at you again with horror at the box office... Figured this would be a big edition due to the fact that several new horror movies entered the ring this past weekend. Let Me In which is of course a remake the horror foreign hit from overseas. Well, guess people didn't get the memo. Let Me In brought in a merger $5.1 on its opening weekend. Even this seemed low to me. I was thinking more like $10 million but, I guess not. Case 39 which sit on the rack waiting to be released forever even outgrossed Let Me In. Which had a big marketing tv ad campaign. I have to admit I didn't care for the foreign version everybody was fired up about. Case 39 took in about $5.3 million. Devil held steady at $3.5 million. And that brings its up to $27 million. I can not find any information on its budget so I have no idea where it stands on profit. Resident Evil Afterlife continues to be a worldwide smash hit. It grabbed another $2 million raising its total to $56 million in the USA. But, it now stands at a remarkable $236 million worldwide and is the highest grossing of the films. It has gained an insane $179 million in foreign markets. It has made a huge profit. This thing will probably take in $300-$350 million with dvd sales and rentals. Yikes. Massive. Now, some bad news. Hatchet 2 came out and has taken in took a ugly $52,000 dollars over 68 screens. Its not the $52,000 I got a issue with its the pitiful $700 per screen. So much for all those fans that said they were going to show if it hit the big screen. However, those are big cities only that are showing it.