Jason Voorhees Tribute and Murderer from B.I.G. Sergio

Horror At The Box Office

Well, its supposed to be horror at the box office.. But, well, guess their would have to be something to actually be there to talk about. Just to let you know the non horror projects, Jackass 3d, Red, and The Social Network all had the top 3 spots. Jackass took in a insane $50 million dollars. Wow. That shit is pretty funny though. The action comedy heavyweight Red took in $22 million. Kind hard to believe that a movie with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren got schooled by a buncha dudes doing stunts.. Damn I took the wrong profession. The Social Network grabbed another solid $11 million. Raising its strong total to $63 million after 3 weeks. And has a grabbed $3 million in foreign markets for a $66 million haul. The Town which I recently saw and really liked and have been meaning to do an actual review took in $4 million and add in a solid $19 mil from foreign markets and its taken in a hair under $100 million and will probably hit it by the time I'm done typing. As for horror.. Well, Case 39 took another $1.2 million giving it $11.9 million leaving it the highest current horror total when you factor in a surprising $14 million from foreign tallys. So its officially broke a profit at $26.9 million with a budget of $26 million. My Soul To Take took $3.1 million. The Wes Craven machine has sputtered along with a $11 million total under its $25 million budget. But, course dvd sales and rentals will eventually turn a profit. Let Me In took in $839,000 for a total of $11 million. Showing US audiences are saying don't let me in the theater. Now, Devil has took $990,000 and raises its mark to $31 million. Throw in $11 million overseas and thats $42 million. Not bad. On a side note. Piranha 3d which I think alot of people thought flopped broke even with $24 million in the US which is exactly its budget. But, has taken in a total of $63 million with foreign dollars. So guess what? Its a hit. Wow...

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