Friday The 13th The Game releases "Tom Savini straight from Hell Jason Voorhees"

As you know by now there is a Kickstarter Friday the 13th THE GAME coming for various platforms of gaming systems. There has been some images released from the master himself Tom Savini of Jason Voorhees fresh from the "bowels of hell" ala' Freddy Krueger having dragged Jason to Hell from "Jason Goes To Hell". These images are just fantastic. Fresh with burned charcoaled look from being cooked in hell. Enjoy!

Movement Forward on Deadwood Movie "Cocksucka"

One of my absolute favorite TV Series ever is showing yet more movement forward on getting one or two TV (HBO) movies that will wrap up the franchise. While talking to TV Line for promotion on American Gods Ian McShane has said that 2 hour movie script has been given to HBO. He said "If they don't deliver, blame them". McShane has talked to series creator David Milch about "some of the script" and they are set to sit down for a lunch about it. This is exciting news on a show that ended without conclusion. And brought together one of the best collections of talent ever including Justified's Timothy Olyphant and Fear the Walking Dead's Kim Dickens.

The Last Jedi Trailer Reaction minus some goofy ass video.

Okay, so like many Star Wars fans last week was a code red. I watched the stream of the entire Celebration essentially. Hey. It's not football season yet. Okay? Okay. Anyway, on the trailer. All I will say is while as a Star Wars fan I was excited about seeing basically anything related to Star Wars The Last Jedi. However, was it underwhelming in comparison to The Force Awakens trailers (the first two especially). Course, in fairness these follow up movie trailers were never going to bring about the same excitement as The Force Awakens. Why? Because it had been 30 plus years since we got a real Star Wars movie. Or at least several years since the last half of Revenge of the Sith was on screen. You see the last half of that movie is the only part of prequels I tend to claim. Minus the Darth Maul scenes in Menace. For me nothing will compare to seeing Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the Falcon back on the screen. Simply put I never thought I would see it again. Han Solo is my favorite movie character of all time. On a scale of 0 to 5 axes. I give The Last Jedi trailer a 3 out of 5 axes. The Force Awakens trailer got a 158 out of 5 axes. Lol...

Star Wars Celebration The Last Jedi Panel

Watched this during the event. Pretty cool stuff. If your a real Star Wars fan you will dig the shit out of this.

Star Wars Celebration 40th Anniversary Panel

I watched this on the live stream Disney did. It is well worth it. George Lucas and several other surprises.

Star Wars The Last Jedi official teaser trailer

Better late to the party than never... Here it is if you have not seen it... Which is doubtful.

Return of the Mack The Horror Hideout's Back!

Well, it has been a LONG time since I have really posted much of anything.  At one time The Horror Hideout was one of the larger horror news websites on the internet.  I had built a pretty decent rep to the point of talking to Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees), Sean Hood (writer of Halloween Resurrection), and Todd Farmer (writer of My Bloody Valentine, Jason X). 

I tried to basically cover pop culture if possible.  Posting reviews, trailers, etc.  At one time it was not unusual for this little website that could to get 80,000-100,000 visitors a month. 

I am hoping to bring the site back to old form after several years of being away.  "Don't call it a comeback" - LL Cool J. 

We will try to cover topics related to horror, some sci-fi (mainly Star Wars related), some comic movies, etc. 

Basically, anything I find myself being into at the time.