Jason Voorhees Tribute and Murderer from B.I.G. Sergio

Return of the Mack The Horror Hideout's Back!

Well, it has been a LONG time since I have really posted much of anything.  At one time The Horror Hideout was one of the larger horror news websites on the internet.  I had built a pretty decent rep to the point of talking to Derek Mears (Jason Voorhees), Sean Hood (writer of Halloween Resurrection), and Todd Farmer (writer of My Bloody Valentine, Jason X). 

I tried to basically cover pop culture if possible.  Posting reviews, trailers, etc.  At one time it was not unusual for this little website that could to get 80,000-100,000 visitors a month. 

I am hoping to bring the site back to old form after several years of being away.  "Don't call it a comeback" - LL Cool J. 

We will try to cover topics related to horror, some sci-fi (mainly Star Wars related), some comic movies, etc. 

Basically, anything I find myself being into at the time. 

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