"Sweetwater" Trailer!

Clip from Episode 2 of "Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." #marvel #tv

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Horror Wins Box Office! #horror #boxoffice #insidious2

Horror has reclaimed it's place at the top of the box office in a huge way! Insidious Chapter 2 opened with a insane massive $43 million dollars including a big time $20.5 million on Friday.

That's about double what insiders expected. And it makes it the highest horror debut of the year. The Conjuring (everybody's horror darling) and The Purge did $41.5 and $34 million in they're debuts.

Riddick pulled another $7.3 million which was good for number 3 (unless something crazy happens). Riddick has added $7.8 million in overseas money. So it's grossed now about $41 million. Besting it's $35 million budget. Something to remember is Vin Diesel pulls massive overseas totals. When this thing expands it's going to do massive business. Chronicles of Riddick did 50% of it's business overseas.

Elysium continues to do strong business. It grabbed another $2.2 million after several weeks. It's made $88 million USA dollars. Course, throw in the $115 million it's made overseas and it's done a healthy $215 million. Besting it's budget by around $100 million.

Under The Skin Teaser Trailer! #creepy #horror

A Nightmare On Elm Street UK Re-Release Trailer!! (1984) #freddysback

Cumberbatch May Join "Star Wars Episode 7"

Rumors are swirling that Benedict Cumberbatch is up for a key role in JJ Abrams' "Star Wars: Episode VII" at Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm.

Cumberbatch lives in London where the film will shoot early next year, Cumberbatch is a self described Star Wars fanatic, and Abrams has a enjoys using former cast members from previous projects in other films and franchises.

He played the villain in J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek Into Darkness,". Some are saying he will play General Thrawn from the "Thrawn Trilogy" of books back in the 90s.

First "Wolf Creek 2" Sneak Peek Footage!!