Horror At The Box Office!

Ok, back on your ass with another edition of horror at the box office... We essentially are in a calm before the storm with Saw 3D, Paranormal Activity 2 coming in next month. Right now we have a few action, horror, hybrid flicks out. Devil scored $6.4 million and came in 6th at the BO. So far that flick has scored $24 million worldwide. Not sure what the budget is but, it should finish up around $30 million. Resident Evil Afterlife has garnered a insane $155 million dollar worldwide total so far. Almost $100 million over the budget. Machete which isn't a horror movie but, got a nice amount of gore and comes from genre favorite Robert Rodriguez is crusing along with a total of $25 million. Its now garnered a solid $5 million profit and thats just USA totals. I don't show it got a foreign release. The Last Exorcism took another near half a mil in and is setting at $40 million. And having been made for $1.8 million.. Thats a sizable hit frankly. Ryan Reynolds "Buried" came out in a very limited release 11 theaters. It took in $104,000 which is a $9,500 average. Not bad with wide release coming. Welp thats it.

New Pinhead Announced!!!

Ok, so as we know Hellraiser is coming back. And it looks as if we have a new Pinhead on the way. Stephan Smith Collins will take over as the cenobite Pinhead in the upcoming horror sequel Hellraiser "Revelations" for Dimension Films. Victor Garcia the director of Return to House on Haunted Hill will direct. Yikes. lol....

Horror at the Box Office is Back!

Ok, so its been awhile since I did the weekly horror at the box office. But, I got this shiny new laptop and some speedy net service... So I'm back bitches. Woo Hoo! Just in time. Horror at the box office was rocking strong over the weekend with the release of Resident Evil Afterlife. This time in huh... 3D? Ugh. Ok. Anyway, people turned out. It scored a sick $27.7 million dollars at the box office. Nice. That puts it on target for something like a $60 million dollar score domestically over time. Maybe alittle more or less. Not to mention whatever it scores foreign. Next is the Robert Rodriguez flick Machete. A B-Movie featuring Danny Trejo and the return of Steven Seagal (thank you god) to the big screen. This movie has scored a total of $20.8 million during its two week run landing another $4.2 million. Not great but, good considering its now officially $800,000 in to the profit on a $20 million dollar budget. Next comes the The Last Exorcism which is quietly a hit. The movie cost all of $1.8 million to make but, has brought in a cool $38 million dollars overall. Eli Roth must be loving that considering he produced this bad boy. Piranha 3D took in another $750,000 bringing its total to $24.3 million. Which puts it in to the profit of about $300,000.

The Expendables Movie Review

Ok, so i know this a horror website but, I also like to dip my foot in the waters of other genres. We're branching out in to horror core rap, action movies etc. I've finally gotten my system back up and running so I'm ready to go... So we'll start with The Expendables. Here we have the action movie with much hype that had Slyvester Stallone bringing together most of the current and previous days action movie stars. Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Steve Austin, Eric Roberts, Terry Crews, and Randy Couture all had a sizable part in this flick. Now things have changed alot in the tastes of movie goers. I honestly thought this movie might borderline bomb just due to people's like of interest in action movies. In the 80's and early to mid 90's these movies were gold. Why? Because nobody expected them to be a oscar caliber movie. I remember literally going to see Universal Soldier opening night and it being SOLD OUT. Now, the sequels can't even see the theater. Too many movies like The Hurt Locker and No Country for Old Men are considered action movies. To me. Their dramas. Damn good ones. So we have your basic action movie plot. Group of guys with lots of guns and martial arts skills battling an evil warlord type in some 3rd world sweaty hell. Now this movie isn't winning any awards for screenplays or acting. Or directing. But, it will damn sure take you back to the good ol' days of unbelievable explosions. One Liners and anything else that as a product of growning up in the 80's and 90's made action movies great. Will I say its the best action movie I've seen this year? No. Which does make me sad. I actually enjoyed The A-Team more than this movie. But, it will easily get 2nd best action flick of the year. The cameos of Bruce Willis and Arnold were cool as a tip of your cap toward them. I will say this. Seeing Dolph Lundgren back on the big screen with that eerie sorta foreign accent kicking ass was pretty damn cool. However, the two noticable missing pieces to this movie were Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme. And I've read Sly tried to score them both for this flick. Hopefully, in the sequel we will get it. And seeing that its made $180 million worldwide. We will get our sequel. I give this movie 3.5 out of 5 axes. As long as you understand this movie will be corny at times. Also have big explosions. You liked action movies 20 years ago. You will enjoy this flick.