Hannibal Gets a 2nd Season from NBC!

Far and away my favorite news story in a while. NBC has taken a chance on my current favorite show. And renewed Hannibal for a 2nd season. It will get 13 episodes during season two. The ratings have not been great for broadcast tv. I was almost hoping AMC or A and E would grab it just because I think it would really fit in right before or after their horror series either The Walking Dead or Bates Motel. Nonetheless, I hope more people discover this classy and gory little piece of great tv. Below is the NBC press release: From the press release: Through its eight original telecasts to date, “Hannibal” is averaging a 2.0 rating, 6 share in adults 18-49 and 4.7 million viewers overall in “most current” results from Nielsen Media Research. ”Hannibal” is the youngest drama on ABC, CBS and NBC, with a median age for its audience of 45.7. It’s also an upscale drama, indexing at a 111 among adults 18-49 living in homes with $100K+ incomes (with 100 indicating an average concentration of those homes). Additionally, “Hannibal” is heavily time-shifted, with its 18-49 rating growing by 75% going from next-day “live plus same day” ratings to “live plus seven day” results.In addition to Fuller, Martha De Laurentiis, Jesse Alexander, Chris Brancato, Sara Colleton, Katie O’Connell, Elisa Roth, Sidonie Dumas and Christophe Riandee also serve as executive producers.The series is produced by Gaumont International Television, Dino De Laurentiis Company and Living Dead Guy Productions, and co-commissioned internationally by Sony Pictures Television Networks.

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Arrested Development A Massive Online Hit!

I understand this is a horror website. But, I wanted to touch on this to my site readers. The direction we're going for our tv. Arrested Development is a huge success on NetFlix. Reportedly, One DSL network had 36% of devices watching Netflix on Sunday night, three times the number for the debut of Netflix's "House of Cards". 2-7 percent of all internet network traffic on Netflix was Arrested Development related. Of that 10% watched a total of 15 episodes in binge style. Also, within 24 hours there were over 100,000 illegal downloads of the new season of Arrested Development. This is potentially fantastic news for shows like Hannibal that is a unreal show on the edge of being axed by NBC.

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Fast and Furious 6 runs over The Hangover III

After reporting the other day that Fast and Furious had jumped ahead in the "race" for number 1 at the box office. They finished as the winner. The franchise that continues to trend up after 6 movies which mostly never happens. The Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Paul Walker rider grossed a BIG $98 million dollars at the box office. The Hangover 3 grabbed $42 million. Which is not a flop by any means. And it will hit $100 million. But, a movie that was considered to at least go neck and neck to the end with F and F didn't even leave the starting line. Star Trek Into The Darkness rocked another $38 million bringing it's total to $146 million domestically and $248 million internationally. The Fast and Furious 6 has pulled a large $177 million in overseas and now already has made $275 million. All this with news coming that Jason Statham will be in the 7th nod next year.

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Fast and Furious 6 Stomping Hangover 3 at BO

Early estimates are showing that on Friday The Hangover Part III took in $15.5 million dollars.  Which is a good haul.. But, the Vin Diesel, The Rock, Paul Walker led heist/racer movie sequel Fast and the Furious 6 took in a whopping $36 million dollars on Friday. 

This leads to speculation that the movie could take in upwards of $110 million dollars.  The sequels that keep re-inventing themselves continue to kill with massive box office totals.

These movies will just keep making money with news breaking that Jason Statham will join The Fast and The Furious 7.