Horror At The Box Office!

Ok, back on your ass with another edition of horror at the box office... We essentially are in a calm before the storm with Saw 3D, Paranormal Activity 2 coming in next month. Right now we have a few action, horror, hybrid flicks out. Devil scored $6.4 million and came in 6th at the BO. So far that flick has scored $24 million worldwide. Not sure what the budget is but, it should finish up around $30 million. Resident Evil Afterlife has garnered a insane $155 million dollar worldwide total so far. Almost $100 million over the budget. Machete which isn't a horror movie but, got a nice amount of gore and comes from genre favorite Robert Rodriguez is crusing along with a total of $25 million. Its now garnered a solid $5 million profit and thats just USA totals. I don't show it got a foreign release. The Last Exorcism took another near half a mil in and is setting at $40 million. And having been made for $1.8 million.. Thats a sizable hit frankly. Ryan Reynolds "Buried" came out in a very limited release 11 theaters. It took in $104,000 which is a $9,500 average. Not bad with wide release coming. Welp thats it.

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