Jason Voorhees Tribute and Murderer from B.I.G. Sergio

Horror At The Box Office!

Ok, back on your ass with another edition of horror at the box office... We essentially are in a calm before the storm with Saw 3D, Paranormal Activity 2 coming in next month. Right now we have a few action, horror, hybrid flicks out. Devil scored $6.4 million and came in 6th at the BO. So far that flick has scored $24 million worldwide. Not sure what the budget is but, it should finish up around $30 million. Resident Evil Afterlife has garnered a insane $155 million dollar worldwide total so far. Almost $100 million over the budget. Machete which isn't a horror movie but, got a nice amount of gore and comes from genre favorite Robert Rodriguez is crusing along with a total of $25 million. Its now garnered a solid $5 million profit and thats just USA totals. I don't show it got a foreign release. The Last Exorcism took another near half a mil in and is setting at $40 million. And having been made for $1.8 million.. Thats a sizable hit frankly. Ryan Reynolds "Buried" came out in a very limited release 11 theaters. It took in $104,000 which is a $9,500 average. Not bad with wide release coming. Welp thats it.

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