Horror At The Box Office

Back at you again with horror at the box office... Figured this would be a big edition due to the fact that several new horror movies entered the ring this past weekend. Let Me In which is of course a remake the horror foreign hit from overseas. Well, guess people didn't get the memo. Let Me In brought in a merger $5.1 on its opening weekend. Even this seemed low to me. I was thinking more like $10 million but, I guess not. Case 39 which sit on the rack waiting to be released forever even outgrossed Let Me In. Which had a big marketing tv ad campaign. I have to admit I didn't care for the foreign version everybody was fired up about. Case 39 took in about $5.3 million. Devil held steady at $3.5 million. And that brings its up to $27 million. I can not find any information on its budget so I have no idea where it stands on profit. Resident Evil Afterlife continues to be a worldwide smash hit. It grabbed another $2 million raising its total to $56 million in the USA. But, it now stands at a remarkable $236 million worldwide and is the highest grossing of the films. It has gained an insane $179 million in foreign markets. It has made a huge profit. This thing will probably take in $300-$350 million with dvd sales and rentals. Yikes. Massive. Now, some bad news. Hatchet 2 came out and has taken in took a ugly $52,000 dollars over 68 screens. Its not the $52,000 I got a issue with its the pitiful $700 per screen. So much for all those fans that said they were going to show if it hit the big screen. However, those are big cities only that are showing it.

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