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A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Review

Ok, so I finally get to put in the review for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake or reboot flick brought to us from the guys at Platinum Dunes. I tend to believe that all Platinum Dunes remakes have a love or hate relationship with horror fans. I think alot of fans hate these flicks just because they believe their principles of horror are being raped if they like them. Please. Whatever. I believe if it means for the most part they give me a entertaining flick involving some horror icons like Jason Voorhees or Leatherface then so be it. I've also noticed that on various horror sites around the web movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th got great reviews during the first 2 days of its release. But, after a few days guys realized it was cool to start the fan boy hate shit they started bashing those flicks. Whatever part 2. The Revenge. So this time we have Nightmare on Elm Street this time with Freddy Krueger getting portrayed by Jackie Earle Haley. Jackie was like a major internet fanboy wish come true when they were casting this movie. And this strayed from the other remakes in the fact that it did have some more realism however, due to the hauntings coming from dreams they had to keep alittle of the supernatural aspect. Essentially it follows some of the same principles of the original. That being said. I never was a big Elm Street guy. Didn't find Freddy particularly funny and always thought far and away the best one was Dream Warriors which was part 3 of the original series of flicks. Honestly, for the first time since all the remakes got started I was actually missing a original actor. Yeah guys. I was missing Robert England. Or maybe it was me missing Freddy's voice or wise cracks of the original movies. But, something about this look of Freddy and sound of Freddy just didn't do a damn thing for me. The movie did provide a fairly decent backstory of Freddy and showed Haley out of the makeup quite a bit. Nancy was a character in this flick but, I was missing the original Nancy also. Not that this Nancy was bad just didn't provide alot of the buy in I was hoping for. And Kyle Gallner continues to pop up in horror movies all over the place. But, I didn't care for his character and kept thinking I wish he would die. The best part of this movie I thought was the opening scene in the Springwood Diner. However, it did not have NEAR the impact of the opening scene from Friday the 13th which I contend is the best 20 minutes in recent horror history. Anyway, this flick is watchable. That being said for a fan of the Platinum Dunes remakes this movie did fall short for me. I would have rather seen them just get me a Friday sequel. I would say I would give it 2.5 axes out of 5. I think die hard Elm Street fans will probably embrace this but, not so much for me....

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