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30 Days of Night: Dark Days Movie Review

Wow, I am knocking out a lot of reviews all of the sudden. Next up is the sequel to the 30 Days of Night flick this time in direct to dvd fashion. This movie stars a actress that I am a major fan of which is Kiele Sanchez. Oh yeah. One of my favorite new shows is The Glades and she also starred in maybe my favorite thriller of the last year which was The Perfect Getaway. Now, I must warn you I am a big fan of vampire flicks provided they stay away from the horseshit too much sugar in your tank versions which are Twilight. I want to see the slick man eater version like these movies have or From Dusk Till Dawn versions of vampires. So normally we know that direct to dvd horror sequels can be total crap ie: Lost Boys 2. Which will leave you asking wtf happened to my favorite characters or wtf in general. Ok, so Kiele is replacing Melissa George's character from the first movie who is now writing books and trying to expose vampires to the world. No body believes her except for some vampire hunters who also lost loved ones to vampires and now their trying to kill a queen played by Mia "oh my" Kirchner. Thank you for the ass shot guys. Appeciate it. God, I'm a pig. Ok, anyway, she joins the hunt after being talked in to it. And we're off from there. Instead of the Alaska country side we have the city and a boat this time where most of the action will take place. And it does lead you in to all the typical vamp shit such as dark rooms, bloody mouths, sunlight kills, etc. That being said this movie still retained a very clean look and the effects were strong for a direct to dvd flick. The acting isn't Oscar winning but, in a good horror movie it shouldn't be (Sixth Sense F you). There is good chemistry between Kiele's character and one of the male hunters and they develop alittle caring and you know that will go bad. One of the things I did not care for was the very ending of the movie. I am not caring for that restoring of vamps with some blood shit after being burnt to a crisp. Ahh thats crap and lost a complete axe just for that. That being said. Its a good watch and one of the better direct to dvd flicks in a long time. Not great like Splinter but, definitely pretty good. I wasn't in love with the first one unlike most of my buddies who thought it was the greatest flick in a long time. I did however, enjoy this one quite a bit. I give it 3.5 out of 5 axes. Gore. Check. Non fruity vamps. Check. Hot chicks. Check. Enjoy. Check.

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