Splice Movie Review

Well, I got to say.. Splice is rather unique and that isn't always a good thing. Its the story of two scientists played by Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody that decide to create a creature in order to further scientists toward cures for various diseases. Some times good intentions go bad. And so does this movie. They basically create a Species type being that has some human characteristics however, its made from human dna and various animals. Well, hmmm. Sounds interesting. Especially, if a military unit was called in to kill it.. Course, that doesn't happen. And I like character building and story telling. But, for a movie dubbed as a horror movie. Well, the horror was it took like 60 minutes for anything to happen. Also, although it didn't bother me some will definitely be alittle freaked out by a scene between Adrien Brody and the creature. Wait till you see it. Anyway, they end up having to move this thing from the lab to a country house and the movie takes off a little from there. There are couple deaths. Honestly, if this could have found a way to have fit the first 60 minutes in to 20 and then had a lot of killing and creature hunting then great. But, they didn't and frankly I was bored to damn tears. Especially considering the two actors in this movie. I am a big fan of both but, this is neither Predators or Dawn of the Dead and frankly this flick could've used alittle influence of either or both. This movie was simply too slow paced and there really wasn't any real gore to speak of nor was there enough stalking of the creature to build suspense. All in all. I had high hopes for this flick. That never panned out. I give this like 1 out of 5 axes. As the 1 is for the film being in focus. God, this was disappointing.

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