Lost Boys The Thirst Movie Review

Well, in a day full of catching up on reviews we add Lost Boys The Thirst to the fold. The 3rd in the Lost Boys trilogy of which 2 are of the infamous direct to dvd variety. The 2nd Lost Boys was not great. It was cool to see Corey Feldman and all but, face it.. Pretty subpar with the historic nature of the first one. That being said. The 3rd one. Well, I have to admit. Not a hell of a lot of plot development. We have a captured boy. Who is supposed to be a chick's brother. She enlists the help of Edgar Frog to get her brother back due to his skills as a vampire killer. Evidently, he's a known vampire slayer now which still lives in the beat up mobile home.. Vampire killing must not pay what it used to. Anyway, after the 2nd one I have to admit I was not expecting alot. Or much of anything. And guess what. I get a pretty solid little action horror movie. In fact I have to say I found this flick pretty likable. New characters like alittle comic book gal who has a liking for Mr. Frog. His brother who has fell on some hard times. A reality action star and his side kick. Now in some parts it falls victim to the direct to dvd effects curse of too much digital blood. But, it still whipped the hell out of the 2nd one. A nice amount of action and jokes makes this pretty entertaining. Essentially, Edgar gets to rescue a boy and possibly kill off the head honcho vampire who happens to be going around the world throwing raves in order to recruit more vamps. Edgar has to crash the rave, kill the baddie, and rescue the boy. Feldman is his usual over the top growling voice one liner machine as Edgar Frog but, thats not a bad thing. And of course it comes no where near the seriousness of the 80s classic Lost Boys which had a allstar cast. They also took some what of a Blade angle in this movie with sword fights and techno music but, again it works provided you don't take this too seriously. All in all I give this 4 out of 5 axes. I know that sounds high but, it was a highly likable flick and would've been a better sequel instead of threequel.

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