Friday the 13th Part 2? My opinion.

Ok, so as every one probably has read by now around the web Platinum Dunes is looking to start work on their follow up to the Friday the 13th reboot. And if you read my site you know I was a big fan of the movie. Thats garnered much love or hate depending on who you are. They are saying that Jason Voorhees may find himself in a snowy or winter setting. Which is fine with me as long as they stick to the plan of that just being one part of the movie. I would only speculuate that will be in a opening scene or maybe a flashback scene. Which its being said that it will only be in a portion of the movie. So who knows. Now I some how believe depending on box office and dvd rentals, sales etc that the franchise won't die even with a Part 2. I am leaning toward a potential part 3. Probably a trilogy before Platinum Dunes steps away from Jason. Though, they have walked away from the Chainsaw series at this time. And its my understanding they will not make another one from what i've read. I would think we probably would like to say that maybe the series would end with some sort of a showdown. Between who? How about Tommy Jarvis? Tommy was basicially most Friday the 13th's fans favorite non Mr. Voorhees character. He made it through 3 movies. So why not bring a favorite back to finish Jason? I am definitely not saying bring in Corey Feldman. Maybe as a side character or cameo but, I am not sure he has enough box office clout to lead a movie with a $20 million dollar budget. And do something completely strange for a horror movie. Leave us with a real cliffhanger. Something dramatic. Its a Jason Voorhees. Make part 2 set up part 3. Literally, that gives you the ability to possible introduce a character into the next movie that may have a impact but, does not have to finish the job in that movie. Something to consider. Apply the Empire Strikes Back slash Dark Knight equation. Leave us wanting to absolutely breakdown the following year about what may or may not happen. Leave us wondering if the hero dies or if the villian dies. Anyway, its something to ponder as we head down the next installment of the Friday series. Far as some of the things I've heard around the web. Yes, your reboot didn't have some of the wild kills or creative kills we have gotten in the past but, this is not zombie Friday the 13th Jason this is a more realistic Jason. Which I think was a good thing. This is coming from a person that their favorite Friday is Part VI Jason Lives. We know that was the birth of zombie Jason and we had some fun with that Jason. However, the realistic thing is not make a Jason that can punch a fucking hole through someones chest. I don't give a fuck how backwoods and strong Jason is. He isn't doing that shit. If you want to stay realistic stay with the machete kills, the traps, the shovels, pitchforks, knives, etc. I mean he's not going to bend a guy backwards in half. And of course, keep Derek Mears as Jason. He was the best Jason. And this is from someone who thought Kane Hodder would never be replaced. But, you found at least a equal. And stay with the fast moving Jason. It makes him a damn sight scarier than him walking but, some how still catching a motherfucker. That never was very buyable. Again we loved it in the originals but, at the same time it wasn't very realistic. I mean some of those folks killed need only hit a open road and they are gone. With no hopes of being caught. Platinum Dunes said they read the fans comments. So there it is. Do what you will with it.

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