Horror At The Box Office - The Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Edition

Ok, so holy moly guys. Yeah, I went there. So I'll get to my Transformers Revenge of the Fallen review after this post. First, lets get to the box office crazyness that is the Fallen! For the weekend Transformers 2 has taken in a monster $112 million and for its 5 day run an amazing $201 million dollars. Wow. For its release worldwide how about an crazy $387 million dollars! This opening is only rivaled by The Dark Knight which many could be argue is the best flick of the 2K era. Michael Bay does action and does it large. Last weeks The Proposal took in another $18 million now bringing its total to $69 million showing that Ryan Reynolds can carry a box office. Everybodies favorite comedy has amazing legs. Adding another $17 million to its total of $183 million dollars just in the US. It has grabbed an healthy $213 million worldwide. The Taking of Pelham 123 is being took so far with $58 million worldwide but, has not gone real wide internationally yet. Foreign markets love action flicks so look for this thing to grab some big numbers overseas ala T4. Speaking of my best movie of the summer so far it took in another $1 million raising its US take to $121 million. Film goers I'm still ashamed of you. You missed one hell of a action flick. Its taken $321 million. Least worldwide they guaranteed us a T5.

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