Horror At The Box Office

Well, so in its 2nd week Drag Me To Hell didn't do too bad. However, several new entries are heading the way. The Hangover (which looks great) scored a big $43 million for a comedy. UP continues with $44 million. Massive $137 million total to its credit. Drag Me To Hell pulled $7 more million for a total of $28 million. Not bad by horror standards. But, think people expected more on a summer horror movie. Kinda puts that $80 million Freddy vs Jason scored. Or this years Friday the 13th which scored $90 million worldwide. Slashers and Jason still rules horror. Terminator Salvation is trying its best with another $8 million. For a total of $105 million. And much like the previous two. It scored $99 million off foreign box office. For a total of $204 million. Officially pulling a profit. Its sad. I actually read reviews where people held Bale's rant against this movie. WTF.

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