Horror At The Box Office

Ok, so there were no new horror releases. The Proposal scored a respectable $34 million dollars at the box office while the Hangover hung real strong. It brought in another $26 million dollars and dropped only 18%. In its 3rd week. Wow. The best comedy I've seen in a long time has scored a insane $164 million worldwide. The Taking of Pelham 123 scored another $11 million and now has taken in $43 million. Much like T4 I will bet this movie will do well overseas but, may struggle to reach $65 or $70 million here. Star Trek grabbed another $4.7 million raising its total to a whopping $352 million worldwide. However, its getting Terminated overseas as our favorite killing machine has made $50 million more overseas than The Trekkies new flick. T4 has now hit for $119 million in the US but, $164 million overseas. Definitely, letting us know foreign box office still loves a good action flick. This certainly lets us know why Steven Seagal and Van Damme still have a career as they do well overseas. And frankly, as much as I hate to admit we no longer like action flicks much over here. Angels and Demons has scored a unreal $444 million in US and Foreign box office total. And Drag Me To Hell has scored a profit with a now $39 million on the US take. And a very respectable $15 million on foreign funds. It has now taken in $55 million combined. Very well for a horror movie but, it won't catch Friday the 13th's $90 million. I suspect only Halloween II will have a chance.

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