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Horror At The Box Office - Thursday - Transformers Edition

Ok, so I have to admit I'm a tool for the Transformers movies and I will be seeing this with my kid Sunday. Don't know who will be the bigger 8 year old at that point. Good to see the franchise is alive and well. Through 2 days of being opened wide Transformers has pulled in a sick $89 million dollars and the weekend isn't even here. Wow. And more so its pulled in another $88 million in foreign box office. This movie has made $169 million overall. Whoa. The best comedy I've seen in a long time The Hangover has now grabbed $196 million worldwide. The thriller Angels and Demons has grabbed $460 million worldwide. Awesome. Terminator Salvation has taken in a healthy $322 million now worldwide. Thats enough for now. Back Sunday with another full box office report. Later.

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