Horror On Dvd - Surprising Sales Totals

Lets take a look at dvd sales for horror movies and thrillers for 2009 so far. I did this article earlier in the year and people were quite surprised to see how much these movies have made off dvd sales alone. Lets look: Liam Neesom's thriller Taken has "taken" in another $56 million dollars off dvd sales. That makes it a MASSIVE hit. And so far its the 4th highest movie of the year. Think Underworld: Rise of the Lycans didn't make enough at the box office? Well, it made did make $90 million worldwide in box office so we should get a sequel. But, throw in a additional $37 million on dvd sales. Wow. Unreal. And surprising. The disappointing Saw V has grabbed another $22 million off dvd sales for this year. No, wonder we got a possible Saw 8, and maybe 9 coming.

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