Predator Sequel? My Opinion.

Ok, so if you read this site at all you know I am not the hater of remakes or reboots. I just don't see the point of people getting mad that a film is remade. Lets be honest. Nobody is remaking The Godfather or The Empire Strikes Back. That being said action or horror movies to me are free game. Some times they are great. Dawn Of The Dead, Friday the 13th, Chainsaw, Hills Have Eyes were all damn good remakes. Other times. Well. That being said I think we are all still somewhat glad to hear that the new Predator movie will be a sequel and not a remake. I mean really why not make it a sequel. Now that leads me to say one thing. What the hell happened to Predator 2? You remember the Danny Glover flick. That had a pretty good ensemble cast of Gary Busey (when he still had a name) and Bill Paxton. Ruben Blades was a cool mutha too... I mean was is it as epic as Predator? No. But, it was a damn good action flick. And frankly, the city premise was a great idea. And you remember Busey discussing the events of the first film. So why forget those events? As its my understanding the new one will be a sequel to the first one but, not the second. Well. If its a sequel lets make it Predator 3. Or we can call it Predators. But, lets not forget the goodness that was Predator 2. I mean that drug lord angle was pretty sharp. And who can forget the creepyness of "Danny Boy" or "Want some candy?" from the Predator. And that battle between Glover and the Predator was pretty freaking awesome. And frankly, lets not forget when this movie came out Glover was just a hair under what Arnold was. He was serious action magic with those Lethal Weapon movies and in the early 90's we liked some Glover. You know you did. So Rodriguez. Why not let the memory of Predator 2 live in "Predators". I am not saying you have to do a Glover cameo but, if you get Arnold you need to get Danny. Even if its in some fight scene and he's drinking coffee while some new star is fighting the Predator in a Burger King. As for that new star. This is a sticky subject. Unlike most people I did not think A V P or A V P 2 was bad. I thought they were both pretty good and the 2nd one was damn good. They made a point to get some gore going and that was great. But, the thing that made these movies just hits worldwide and not smash hits was the lack of the lead player. No Weaver, Glover, Arnold. As for who should fight the Predators. It has to be someone with some name draw to him. At one time I believed it was Van Damme or Seagal (yes, folks in 1992 this would've got asses in the seats). Of course now. Well. Not so much. Its got to be a strong action guy. If Stallone was even 10 years younger he would be a slam dunk. And I almost wonder after seeing him in Rambo and Rocky if he still can't pull it off. He is in better shape than he used to be. Who else? John Cena? No not yet. First Cena has yet to impress at the box office. It seems natural if your playing an Arnold's son angle. But, I just don't think thats enough. That brings me to two possibilities. Jason Statham and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Either of these cats could pull it off. I guess if you wanted to stretch maybe Mark Walhberg or Will Smith but, I believe they would feel their past doing a sequel to a movie like the Predator. Johnson and Statham are big enough names that they can get asses in the seats. Also these days there are a TON of bad asses that can fit in to an elite unit. Fact is considering the ties. Maybe Stone Cold Steve Austin would join either of these guys as maybe the 2nd or 3rd hero or marine or whatever angle. The Jesse Ventura type. What about Chuck Liddell? Hell, I bet Goldberg ain't doing shit. But, you have to have 3-4 of these guys to back your hero and kill a few Predators and then die. Fact is people will feel the impact of one of these guys people knows dieing. Terry Crews would be good. These guys need to be larger than life. We remember Carl Weathers. Bill Duke. These guys were classic in the first Predator and we did not want to see them die. Anyway, come on guys. Do this movie right. Embrace the first and second Predator movies. Play off of them. Thats what people want to see. Don't disappoint us.


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