Top 5 horror movies of this year

5)My Bloody Valentine 3d - Ok, so maybe I'm cheap but, this was a damn fine slasher flick. It had some elements of 80's horror which is what I grew up on. And the 3D was actually good in a movie for once and added to the experience instead of robbing it. I truely hope we see a sequel.

4)Last House on the Left - Yep another remake. Unlike alot of horror fans I have no issues with movies being rebooted or remade. I find it almost comical to here people hate a movie before it even arrives to us. But, they do. Anyway, this was a very strong remake of the Wes Craven classic. Honestly, I was not that big of a fan of the original. I own it. But, to me it seems extremely dated. And I am big on movies holding the test of time. This movie was strong with Tony Goldwyn, Monica Potter, and Garret Dillahunt. There was some real emotion from the parents and regardless of what any one says. That ending. Lol. Damn good stuff.

3)Splinter - Thank god for good little horror movies. And this was a great little horror movie. The story of a couple going camping who decide to not go camping and on their way to getting a motel they pick up two hitchhikers who happen to be running from the law. Well, they stop at a store and there the movie gets going with them vs a parasite that invades the body and contorts it in to some serious twisted manners. A tv actor named Paulo Costanzo stole the fucking show as a con that saves the fucking day. This came out in 08 but, I didn't see it to 09 so its on the list.

2)Dead Snow - Wow. What can I say? Wow. Once in a blue moon everything lines up to bring you a new horror classic. And this was it. Picture. Evil Dead slash Friday the 13th woods. Cover them in snow. Add people in a cabin ala Evil Dead. Add in Zombie Nazis. Poor in buckets of guts and blood. And limbs. And you got maybe one of the top 5 greatest zombie flicks of all time. Yes, its that good and was one of the most enjoyable horror movies I've seen in a long while.

1)Friday the 13th - Thats right. The most loved and hated horror movie this side of Zombie's Halloween remake. I noticed something. The first couple days this came out people all over the web loved this movie. Until some douche decided to bash it and in true hater fashion people tagged on to it and "hated it" all of a sudden. That being said its reviews are still overall very strong. And I am a life long Jason Voorhees fan. And when Jason returned he returned extra pissed. Derek Mears gave the Jason Voorhees performance of the century (Kane you were good too bud). Jason was fast, brutal, and mad as hell. Jason was also not a complete dumbass and made some Deliverance trap setting moves on motherfuckers. And guess what. It was great. The first 20 minutes of that movie slapped everyone in the face. And it was good having a guy lead fight Jason again for the first time since one Tommy Jarvis.
I left the theater smiling. Both times. lol.

To mention some other "supposed to be great movies".

Laid To Rest - was fucking terrible. Chromeskull is a douche and that Bobbie Sue's acting made me want to pull her teeth with a pair of pliers.

The Children? - Fucking laughable. Nothing about those brats scared me. And it was one of the longest 90 minutes of my life this side of a root canal.

Drag Me To Hell - They should name this Put Me Through Hell - The return of Raimi was not historic. And now I am starting to believe that Bruce Campbell should be in all his movies. Playing Ash. I was thinking where the fuck is a good boomstick when you need one? So I could shoot myself and it would be over.

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