Jason Voorhees Tribute and Murderer from B.I.G. Sergio

Terminator vs Night At The Museum 2 - Box Office Wars

Ok, so I waited another day to update you on weekend box office. Terminator Salvation opened to a strong $67 million dollars counting its Thursday run. Which is a insane $15,000 per screen. Opening on 4,000 screens was Ben Stiller's sequel to Night At The Museum. It raked in $70 million on $17,000 per screen. Wow. Wonder what these movie would've pulled if they hadn't been release vs each other. Star Trek continues to haul in the dough with another $29 million raising its total to $191 million in the US and $267 million dollars worldwide. Ouch. That thing is taking in the dough. Angels and Demons held ground with $27 million and its now sitting at $87 million and $189 million worldwide. Hell, Wolverine even brought in another $10 million and now sits at $310 million worldwide. Making it a bonafide success.

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