Star Trek 09 Movie Review

Ok, so I have to confess before I go in to this particular review. I am not in any way a Trekkie. I am however, a massive Star Wars fan. Which usually causes a bit of a vs. feeling among fans. In my honest opinion I hate most of the previous Star Trek movies. The only one I found even half enjoyable was The Wrath of Khan. And thats because of the villian. Nothing against Shatner. He's highly over the top and enjoyable. But, most of those movies lack action and bored me to tears. So pardon me if I wasn't leaping to the theater to see Star Trek but, I was somewhat interested in what a reboot might bring. Well, many Star Trek fans will hate me for this. But, who cares. Your movie was alot more Star Wars this time than Star Trek. Of course they kept all the same characters but, this time gave them real life. Kirk played by Chris Pine did a great job of bringing Captain Kirk to life. With a very Han Solo rebel without a cause feeling. Yes I said Han Solo. Lol. Its my highest respects as next to Indiana Jones is my alltime fav movie character. The movie had some really good action scenes in space and on the enemy ship. I am a Eric Bana fan but, frankly I thought he could have been much more vicious. I also appreciated a really good backstory on Captain Kirk. Giving me a reason to care about the character which in previous films I just kept thinking kill him and bring on Patrick Stewart already. Now some of the action scenes had the camera moving too fast and almost making them blurry which is a mistake I am noticing more and more these days with movies. The first Leonard Nimoy cameo seemed a little cheesy to be honest. But, the one at the end was much more rewarding I think. Simon Pegg and Karl Urban (how this guy isn't a major player yet is beyond me) also were extremely likable as Scotty and McCoy. Then comes Zachary Quinto as Spock. Hmmm.. At first I thought what the hell is Eli Roth doing playing Spock. Lol. By the end of the movie he had grown on me some. All in all. I hope they make a sequel... Which is a damn sight more than I could ever said about the originals. J.J Abrams is killer as a director. And this is a super summer flick. I give it 4.0 axes out 5.0. The subtraction comes from blurry angles on action scenes, Bana not being evil enough, and Nimoy's first cameo coming off as cheesy. I will say this will be the first Star Trek to enter my dvd collection though. Which says alot from a Star Wars fan.

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