Box Office Update

Ok, so it was a big weekend at the box office as Tom Hanks starrer and Ron Howard directed sequel Angels and Demons got released. It of course would be going up against the 2nd week of Star Trek. And the continued solidness of Wolverine. And frankly all 3 films did well. Angels and Demons opened at $48 million and in first place. Which is not massive but, damn solid. Now Star Trek had a damn fine 2nd weekend with another $43 million dollars. Raising its total to a scary $147 million in two weeks. Wolverine hit another $14 million raising its total to highly strong $151 million. There were no horror releases. Although Angels and Demons is a thriller and has some religious elements. Also I wanted to point out some crazy worldwide totals: Angels and Demons has already made $104 million dollars in foreign box office. Therefore despite a $150 million budget its made a $2 million dollar profit after one weekend. Wow. StarTrek has made a solid $49 million in foreign boxoffice for a worldwide total of $196 million. Quite a take in two weeks and its a damn good flick for the record. Then Wolverine has taken $123 million in foreign box office and $151 million in the USA thats a staggering $274 million and well above its $150 million dollar budget.

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