Horror At the Box Office

Ok, so we finally have an actual horror movie to report on at the box office. Drag Me To Hell had a strong opening weekend with $16.6 million. Very respectable for any horror film. Though, I have to admit I was guessing more in the neighborhood of $25 million. Its always tough opening against family friendly flicks. The animation flick "UP" pulled a massive $68 million. Terminator Salvation held decent with $16 million and raising its total to $90 million dollars. It will hit the $100 million mark but, was hurt by having to open against Night at the Museum 2 last week. Think T4 would've been better off opening couple weeks after Transformers 2. No word yet on foreign box office for T4 but, guessing it will haul in a ton just on foreign release. T2 and T3 grossed almost $300 million on foreign release alone. So it wouldn't surprise me to have T4 still flirt with the $400 million mark. Which is sad considering I think its the most gritty and serious of all the Terminator movies and definitely strongest from a acting standpoint. Most sites I've seen fans are giving it B grades so at least its getting some respect. Star Trek continues to hit with another $12 million raising its total to a worldwide $301 million. Wolverine took $3.9 million and now has $315 million worldwide. Angels and Demons broke the $100 million mark in the US and now has a staggering $206 million worldwide. Also on the side of being a sneaky blockbuster. The Knowing has now earned $150 million dollars worldwide. Bet you didn't know that.

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