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Rockbot's Top 20 Horror Movies of All Time

Rockbot's Top 20 Horror Movies of All Time

Ok, so a few things before we go in to the list. I am not a major supernatural horror fan. And I am also not a fan of the old frankenstein, dracula, vincent price type horror movies. They do nothing for me at all. Also, this is my list and not a list of what I think either people want to hear and I don't buy in to some of the many "supposed" horror classics being untouchable. And honestly, I like a few of the remakes over the originals. So thats where we begin. These are movies that I watched and when I think of horror these movies come to mind.

20) Halloween - John Carpenter's original classic. This movie was important for starting my personal favorite type of horror movie which is the slasher genre. And the music is flat scary as hell. Dr. Loomis portrayed by Donald Pleasance is priceless "I shot him 6 times". That was priceless. And it introduced us to one Michael Myers. Babysitting would never be the same.

19) Dog Soldiers - Now, this is what I call a werewolf movie. A 2002 British horror movie starring Kevin "Rome" McKidd and Sean "Event Horizon" Pertwee. A group of 6 British soldiers dumped in the forest in Scottish Highlands. They fight their way from the forest to a old cabin. Which they find a lady who helps them in their struggle versus the werewolves. This movie is full a fun and gore. And the Captain Ryan is one SOB.

18) Hostel - Hostel is a 2005 horror movie that was directed by Eli Roth. It follows a trio of backpackers in to Amsterdam and a hostel to stay the night in. There they find many beautiful women in which young men would love to spend time with. So they do. And this would end them. As it was a set up in to a realm of torture and hate.
As Jay Hernandez finds himself trying to make it out of a underground chamber warehouse of rich business men who have paid huge money to torture and kill people. People call this torture porn. I call this a great horror movie.

17) Evil Dead 2 - Evil Dead is a 1987 cult classic horror/comedy from director Sam Raimi. This movie continued the story of our beloved Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams. This movie is a classic for scares and some great laughs. Bruce Campbell gives a great performance as a wisecracking hero yet everyday Joe battling the forces of Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. Movie is known for the infamous sawing off of Ash's hand. The sawed off shotty and the catch phrases "Groovy". It is per Sam Raimi the sequel to Evil Dead. Not a remake.

16) Cube - A Canadian horror/sci fi film directed by Vincenzo Natali. Despite its low budget, the film achieved moderate commercial success and has acquired cult status as a niche science-fiction title. This movie is great in its simple premise. Place a bunch of strangers in a Cube of many Cubes. And as you sifted from room to room. If you stepped in the wrong room. You died. In some seriously horrible fashion. Basically, traps. Its one of the more original horror movies in a long time and spawned 2 sequels since. Throw in the personally's of the different characters. And it becomes a helluva a mess.

15) Halloween is a 2007 remake of the 1978 slasher film of the same name. That's right horror fans. Its on my list. Yes, Rob Zombie's Halloween. And yes, its above the original. Oh no. The horror. Lol. Please. This movie put a great new spin on a story from John Carpenter. The movie finally gave the backstory I had been wanting to Michael Myers. And to be fair. I am a big fan of Zombie's white trash horror. I like the abusive family and seeing Michael as a nutbag kid waiting to snap. And watching him make that transformation. I loved Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Loomis, Tyler Mane as a monster Myers, and seeing genre greats like Danny Trejo, Ken Foree, and William Forsythe. This Halloween is raw, brutal, and mean. Like a slasher should be.

14) High Tension (Haute Tension) - Is a 2003 French horror movie directed by horror great Alexander Aja. This movie is about two college girls who go to one of the girls parents farm house and find themselves in a brutal struggle with a very wacked out redneck. This movie has some serious tension moments for sure and the gore is off the charts. It originally received a NC - 17 but, had clips cut to make US theaters. The unrated dvd is the only way to truely experience this. It has one of helluva twist at the end which I HATED are this movie would be in my top 5.

13) Friday the 13th Part 4 The Final Chapter - Now, you knew this list would have some Friday's on it. This of course is directed by Joseph Zito and was the original death of Jason Voorhees. This movie had a lot of great fun aspects. Crispin Glover as a loveable nerd. Corey Feldman as a legendary Tommy Jarvis. Gore that was pushed even for Friday the 13th. Effects by Tom Savini. And a ending. Well. Lets just say Jason really does get his.

12) 13 Ghosts - This is a remake of the 1960 film of the same name. This version is directed by Steve Beck. 13 Ghosts follows a widower and his family to a inherited house in which they find has some hellish secrets. This movie has some seriously freaked out moments including the guy with spikes in him. The chick in the bathtub. And just a stylish slick filming style made this one of my favorite and scariest damn movies I've ever seen.

11) Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 or TCM 2 - This was the long awaited follow up to Tobe Hooper's classic from the 70's. Also directed by Tobe Hooper. This movie has a ton of great horror elements and classic characters. Choptop from Bill Moseley, Dennis Hopper as Lefty (A retired Texas Ranger), and Jim Siedow as the head of the family caterer. Tom Savini does the effects for this one also. The gore is off the charts and there is a some great scenes between Caroline Williams and Bill Moseley at the beginning. Truely, under appreciated horror/dark comedy. 1985.

10) Aliens - 1986 sci fi/horror/action classic follow up to Alien by director James Cameron. Not a horror movie in the same sense as some of the others on this list but, the Alien and Predator has always had elements of horror involved with them. This movie had some tense moments mixed with some great action. And a cast of Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, and Bill Paxton. Oh man... Oh man... Great stuff. Marines vs Aliens the original. Always great.

That wraps the first half of Rockbot's (aka mine) Top 20 Horror Movies of All Time

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