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Rockbot Rants- Top 5 Most Overrated Horror Movies Ever

Ok, so I have to tell you. I about to venture in to a realm of opinion that seems to be forbidden ground with horror movies. Some of the "supposed classics". And everybody and their love of the "originals". Great. Ok, well, in most cases there are reasons to believe that the classics are classics. And maybe in the cases of some of the movies I am about rant on we can say the fact that I didn't see them when they "originally" came out just due to age. And I saw most of these in the 80's. or Early 80's. And some just recently. Top 5 most overrated horror movies I've ever seen. This is strictly a bias opinion.

5) The original Last House on the Left - Hmmm. It was directed by the great Wes Craven. Ok. What does that mean? Wes Craven's best movies are The original Hills Have Eyes, Dracula 2000 (yes, i said that shit), Scream. and um' Cursed. Wait. No. Not Cursed (a truely terrible movie). Some might say Nightmare on Elm Street but, I wasn't a big Freddy fan. But, it didn't make my list. So Nightmare fans breath easy. This movie was supposed to have been I guess shocking for its time. Because two young girls get kidnapped, raped, beaten, and killed by some convicts. Now, maybe because of its time released this was all true. But, its what most of this list is all about. It doesn't stand the test of time. This movie is no longer even remotely shocking. Hostel? Hostel 2? The Hills Have Eyes Remake? High Tension? WTF. I remember seeing this movie and thinking after it was over wait? Something else was bound to happen. Cause, where's this payoff? Nothing....

4) The Sixth Sense - Oh, hell. M Night Shyamalan. One of the world's greatest hit or miss directors. Now, I will tell you. I'm not a supernatural horror fan. But, the fact that this movie came out basically around the same time as a movie called Stir of Echoes (which was god damn excellent starring Kevin Bacon) however, nobody talks about it. Drives me INSANE. This movie was not frightening. Did not make me think. Wonder. M Night has made two of the worst horror films ever. The Village (which to this day is possibly the worst movie I've ever saw) and The Sixth Sense but, yet made some such a beautiful masterpiece like Unbreakable is beyond me. Stir of Echoes had a creepier house. A unreal performance by Mr. Bacon going bananas. And a finger nail breaking that made every body go "god ****".

3) Halloween III: Season of the Witch - You may be thinking "wait everybody knows this sucks". Nope. Not everybody. There seems to be a ever growing legion of people that love this fucking Halloween III shit. And thats what it is shit. Complete with its Silver Shamrock Commerical and creeping bullshit singing. People are like "its just different". Damn right its different. Where the hell is Michael Myers? Shit, its a Halloween movie for shit sakes. I swear. Jump the shark. Wow. Thank god for Halloween 4: The RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS. Get it. Halloween. Michael Myers. H3 was a POS. End of Story.

2) I Spit On Your Grave - This movie was actually not that bad. It has rape, violence, etc. However, again by today's standards this is no longer shocking. So it does not stand the test of time. They raped this woman silly. Which is wrong. But, the rape in the movie with Jodie Foster was a helluva lot more believable and brutal to me. And stands with me more than the ones in this movie ever will. Neither are right. But, in today's standards. It does not hold up as shocking.

1) The Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Wow. This one will get the hounds called out on me. Yes, Chainsaw. And I will say Chainsaw is still better than most of the bs direct to dvd shit that is released today. But, this is supposed to be a classic in terms of cannibals, crazy redneck families, and a chain welding Leatherface. You know this is a decent flick even now. But, I still enjoy TCM 2 and most definitely the remake from Platinum Dunes a 1,000 times better. Maybe, because this suffers from the infamous shocking in the 70's isn't shocking in this era of horror. The remake was strong brutal, raw, gory fucking masterpiece. Not only is Leatherface a beast but, R Lee Ermey is a fucking nut bag legend as that sheriff. The original TCM looks old to me. And in some parts just drags. Sorry horror fans. But, thats the truth.

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