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Top 5 Horror Sequels I want to see

Top 5 Horror Sequels I want to see.

5) Saw VI - Ok, so I know we have this coming already but, shit its got to be better than Saw V. Though, everybody has been killed off that is worth a damn. Hopefully, some how Dr. Gordon will make his return. Saw films are supposed to raise our eyebrows at the end. And Saw V did nothing but, make mine frown.

4) Friday the 13th Part 2 - Ok, so I loved the relaunch from Platinum Dunes and as a major Jason Voorhees fan as long as they stay in the same premise as this last one. Staying with Derek Mears, staying with Jason behind quicker, sharper, more brutal. And they keep the strong male lead character. I am sorry but, as big of a fan I am of the original movies I got sick of seeing the chick at the end fighting Jason. Long live Tommy Jarvis.

3) Hostel 3 - Why you may ask? How about because Hostel 2 sucked? Hostel was so gory and hard. Then you give us Hostel 2. Fuck you.

2) Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 - Ok, no not the Beginning. Which I did like and found pretty interesting. I dig backstories. That being said. I want R Lee Ermey and his young one Leatherface to give us the further adventures. But, Platinum Dunes stick to the dirty raw formula you set for the first two you did. Please. No Next Generation shit.

1) Dawn of the Dead Part 2 - Zack Snyder. Jesus, please no body tell me that Steve Miner's shit called Day of the Dead was the sequel. Because I will shoot myself. And hell Miner has directed some of my favorite horror movies. But, I want Zack to come back and do a proper sequel to the baddest horror zombie movie ever. Slap us in the face again. Please.

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