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Friday the 13th Movie Review (1980)

Friday the 13th 1980 Movie Review

Oh boy. The Original classic from Sean Cunningham. The gold standard. Right?
Well, sorry guys. This was not my favorite Friday movie. And not even close. It was pretty damn original idea. Maybe, because it was probably the 3rd or 4th movie in the series I actually watched. And I know its the one that launched the franchise that I ended up loving. This movie centered around a group of soon to be camp counselors going out to the beloved Camp Crystal Lake aka Camp Blood and beginning the restoration of this camp. We start this movie with counselors having sex and getting hacked to death. This movie does have a lot of historic parts for this series. All the firsts (cept' the hockey mask which is a pretty damn big first to be missing). The infamous Mama Voorhees very well played by the legendary Betsy Palmer. Creepy as hell with the "kill her mommy" coming from her mouth. It also provided the fuel to the fire for a young Jason Voorhees as legend would tell he saw his mother beheaded in the infamous ending death scene. With great effects by Tom Savini and the hands moving after Pamela's head gets cut off. Its also the movie known for showing us the glory of a young Kevin Bacon and his infamous arrow through the throat scene. I guess big picture I should love this movie more than I do. But, sadly I don't. I had a hard time with wanting to watch momma Voorhees through the movie killing when my real love is for the terminator like destruction of a big hockey mask wearing mf. Now, as a actual horror movie built for scares. This to me is probably in the top 3 far as purely creeping me out. But, I tend to watch these movies for a pure fun popcorn enjoyment feel. I want to see how Jason kills the next poor mf. As I look at so many reviews for this movie and read how people look at it I guess I do wish I would have seen it first. Because, maybe I would view it differently and give it more credit. We have had 11 and about to be 12 Fridays this is probably in the middle of the pack for me. Its better than Part V. And I guess better than Jason Goes To Hell (barely) maybe. Wait. Let me be honest. Its my 2nd to last favorite. Lol. Its a absolute must for the dvd case. Because I still to this day start all my Friday marathons which I have a couple times a year by watching this one and enjoying it but, at the same time I can't wait to get to the next one. Guess, thats sad for such a classic. I give it 3 out 5 axes. Its a 5 for 5 for most fans. I guess I had different priorities for these movies.

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