Chick Flick Rules Box Office Taken Holds Strong

Well, even a Jedi couldn't hold off New Line's He's Just Not That Into You. The film hit it big at the box office this weekend with $27 million. However, the Liam Neeson thriller Taken held very tough with $20 million bringing its total gross to an impressive $52.3 million dollars and definitely shows thriller's can still hit and hit big. Coraline from NIghtmare Before Christmas fame rocked in a respectable $16.3 million. The Uninvited looking to still be licking its wounds from being Taken last Super Bowl weekend brought in $6.4 million which is still decent and has a total of $18 million. Underworld Rise of the Lycans went over $39 million which is $4 million over its budget (which by the way it past earlier due to worldwide totals) with a $3.9 million dollar pull. And in the automatic sequel watch My Bloody Valentine 3D is setting at $48.1 million and is destined for $50 million. Which I would think would make it a lock for a sequel (at I hope). The Unborn took in $386,000 to bring it over $41 million for another nice Platinum Dunes hit. Also, in a related note the LONG moved back Fanboys was released to 44 theaters and tooks in $164,000 on a $3,200 average. Here's hoping they at least release this wider.


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