Top 20 horror movies Part 2 - The Final Chapter

Top 20 horror movies Part 2 - The Final Chapter

9) 28 Days Later - Oh wow. A powerhouse zombie flick to the max. Directed by recent best picture director Danny Boyle. The acting strength of Cillian Murphy and Brendan Gleeson. People are infected with a virus that causes RAGE. Now, thats a premise I love. Serious gore. A bunch of nutty ass service men trying to fuck little girls in dresses to keep the "world population" going. This is literally one of the top 3 best zombie flicks I've ever seen.

8) 28 Weeks Later - Thats right. I have the sequel ahead of the original. A great piece to the first movie and I thought a more polished version of the first film. More great casting Robert Carlyle as a dad that gets infected with rage and Jeremy Renner as a army sniper trying to help to young kids escape the city. Takes place as you can image exactly 28 weeks later.

7) Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives - I debated putting this on the list as its my favorite Friday movie but, its more of a summer popcorn horror flick that a scary demented horror movie. But, its got some memorable horror moments including one of the best opening scenes ever when Jason is resurrected.

6) TCM 2003 - Thats right folks. This is the one that started the big debate about even remaking horror movies. But, this was the one that should be the fucking slasher standard. Marcus Nispel who directed the relaunch of Friday the 13th on behalf of Platinum Dunes reeled out a brutal, raw masterpiece of hell. Leatherface is large brutal and a nightmare for teens that happen upon him and R Lee Ermey who plays a demented leader of the Hewitt family and a new horror icon to go right along with Leatherface. The Unrated copy is the only way to watch this. Gore to the max.

5) Dawn of the Dead - 2004 - The remake of the George Romero classic zombie flick directed by a highly talented Zack Snyder. This movie gave us Zombies on HGH and steriods. Complete with a great cast of Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, and Jake Weber. It takes place in the mall. And is in my opinion of the best remake of all the remakes so far. This is one twisted mutha on unrated dvd which is the only way to watch this. Gore to the max.

4) House on Haunted Hill - 1999 - Remake of William Castle's original. And one twisted fucking flick. This movie had a serious cast which included a great performance from Geoffrey Rush as a demented owner of the house. A group of people are assembled to a House that used to be the site of a insane nut house. That had one really twisted doctor that tortured patients. Alot of gore and just the movements of the entities in this freaked me the hell out.

3) Saw - 2004 horror movie directed by James Wan. Saw introduced us to one of horror's largest icon's now namely one Jigsaw as nicely portrayed by Tobin Bell. This movie was one of the most original horror movies I can remember seeing in years. And had a great cast of Cary Elwes and Danny Glover. The ending is also one of the biggest "oh shit" moments ever in horror history. The score at the end just adds to its history. And the unrated version is a gore filled lovefest.

2) Event Horizon - 1997 - Event Horizon combines two elements that are extremely hit or miss. Combining Sci Fi with Horror. But, this works to the max. One of the greatest casts ever assembled for a horror movie including Sam Neill, Laurence Fishburne, Sean Pertwee and directed by Paul WS Anderson. This movie is about exploring a ship that was lost in space for years and now has popped back up on the radar. Well, once on board all "HELL" breaks loose. As hell itself opens and plays on his member of the crews worst fears. Nice amounts of gore and a very unnerving feeling makes this one creepy SOB.

1) Blair Witch Project - 1999 - The original little horror movie that could. About 3 young college students that goes in search of a legend called the Blair Witch. This is the biggest love or hate movie of all time. Both me and Late Night Sneaky Pedro love this movie. But, our other partner in crime Twan thinks this is one of the worst horror movies ever. For me. Living in Texas and from the ages of 12 to 17 exploring the woods was a thing to do. And spooky sounds and noises were part of the experience. This was one unnerving venture down memory lane for me. No real gore. But, a lot of struggle between the kids and pure emotion from all involved made this a tremendous experience.

Well, there it is. My Top 20 horror movies ever. Feel free to agree, bash, or otherwise.

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