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This week's Horror Box Office Update Feb. 20th-22nd 09

C'mon Friday the 13th fans

Wow, so as always horror movies open big and then experience a 2nd week drop thats large. Friday the 13th did not dodge the dreaded drop. It dropped 81% in its 2nd weekend. To take a total of $7.8 million in its 2nd week raising its box office 2 week total to $55 million. Which is still a big horror blockbuster but, ouch. Most of us figured $55 million after last weekend. But, its safe to say it will still outgross Zombie's Halloween 07 remake which finished at $58 million. Which was also a big success. I very interested when international totals start coming in. But, predictions of a $100 million US haul is probably far fetched now. Likely, $75-80 million or so before its said and done. Which will still get us our sequel. The other big horror box office note is My Bloody Valentine 3D hitting $380,000 and took it total to $51,285,000. Hopefully, getting us a sequel. The Uninvited had $1.3 million raising it to $26 million. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans took $719,000 raising its total to $45 million. The Unborn also raised its total gross to $42 million. Which when you consider its $16 million budget. Its a damn hit.

When I get a international update I'll post that later.

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