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My Bloody Valentine Sequel

During a recent interview with My Bloody Valentine 3D director Patrick Lussier, we got the skinny on a possible sequel to the film, along with details on what he'll be doing next. You can check out the remake in theaters January 16th.

On a possible sequel Lussier tells us that, "It all depends on what happens next. Todd Farmer and I definitely know where we'd take the story if fortune give us the opportunity."

On what's next he tells us that it's "Undetermined right now, but mostly like another genre film. I've been developing a couple of things with Todd, all dark, fun and scary. The film adaptation of HEADHUNTER, Michael Slade's book is still something I want to make and have wanted to make for years now. But as usual, the future is the hardest thing to pin down and it's usually the thing you don't expect that surges forward."

In HEADHUNTER, the women aren't safe with a beheading killer on the lose. Detective Robert DeClercq was even eluded as he and the police combed the lower depths of the sexual underground on two continents.

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