28 Months Later (Update)

28 Months Later

In June 2007, it was announced that if DVD sales of the film did well Fox Atomic would consider producing the third film.

In July 2007, while promoting Sunshine, Boyle revealed that he has a story formulating for the next film. "There is an idea for the next one, something which would move [the story] on. I've got to think about it, whether it's right or not." Boyle also revealed that he would return as the director.

There is very little info other than this on 28 Months Later. Bloody-Disgusting.Com had a report a while back about the movie being set in Russia. As we get more info we will add the site and post it.

After MR from 28Dayslateranalysis.com asked me how soon we were looking at this movie happening I started hitting the web again to see if I can find anymore news. Here's the update.

I found a snippet from JoBlo.Com about a possible director for 28 Months Later.

"Now I kind of knew about that already but mention it here for those who may not know. The scoop I caught was that a director has been chosen for this second installment. Who? PAUL ANDREW WILLIAMS baby! The UK director of THE COTTAGE "

Credit: JoBlo.Com

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