5 Reasons Why The Friday the 13th Remake will Rule

5 Reasons Why The Friday the 13th Remake will Rule

Ok, so we are getting closer and closer to Jason Voorhees making his long awaited return to the big screen. I will say I am probably as big a Friday fan as anyone. I own a shit load of Jason Voorhees collectables. I'm a Jason and Tommy Jarvis frantic. Jason is to me the best horror icon and most brutal killer with everybody else being a distant 2nd. Yes, Michael Myers that means your at least 2nd. Well, maybe 2nd. lol. Anyway, I give you the top 5 reasons why Friday the 13th will be reborn on February 13th, 2009.

1)Michael Bay and Friday the 13th - Ok, this is the one that is going to be infamous. But, if this is ANYTHING like Texas Chainsaw. We are in for raw and brutal surprise. Michael Bay is like the 1 number most hated director or producer on the net. Which is insane to me as people continue to navigate their fat asses to the theater to see his movies. They must like something. And even the Hitcher was well produced and Sean Bean rocked. I just hope if they make several he makes sure Platinum Dunes continues to be brutal, raw and kick ass.

2)We need Jason. Its been 5 years since Freddy vs Jason. Which was great and fun however, we had to share Jason with Freddy. Blah. Horror needs Friday the 13th movies. Horror Needs Jason Voorhees.

3)Derek Mears. Wow, this hurts me to say because I'm a massive Kane Hodder fan (he is Jason) far as i'm concerned. However, Derek strikes me as some body that will own Jason and make him his own quick, moving, brutal killer we have been waiting for. I think Mears also has the potential to wear the mask for quite some time.

4)Little Jason and Mommy. We need to get to see a little more backstory on Jason and some little Jason and Mommy Voorhees is just what the doctor ordered. This is what I thought made Platinum Dunes Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning pretty damn good.

5)Paramount and New Line. Watching the trailer just seeing that brown wooden Paramount symbol come up with the CHI MA MA music makes me that much more excited. Jason Voorhees needs the Friday the 13th name back. And he has got them. New Line will continue to do a fine job of backing Jason as always.

Bonus: Number 1 thing I would like to see if this re-launches the franchise. If you plan on making this a re-born Franchise then its imperative that you bring back Tommy Jarvis. Jason needs his Dr. Loomis. And that person is Tommy Jarvis. And yeah, if you must it can be Corey Feldman. After all he's the right age and enough of a name you could use him. My personal wish would be Thom Mathews as I think he did a tremendous job with Tommy in Jason Lives but, I understand thats far fetched.

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