Taken and Unborn Friday Box Office

Taken and Unborn Friday Box Office

Source: Variety.Com

Twentieth Century Fox's Liam Neeson action-thriller "Taken" grossed an estimated $9.5 million from 3,183 theaters at the Friday box office to score the best opening day ever for Super Bowl weekend.
Historically, male-driven pics have avoided the Super Bowl frame, but Fox decided to break that tradition in a move that will likely result in other studios doing the same, considering the strength of "Taken."

Paramount's new horror entry "The Uninvited" performed more in line with Super Bowl pics, grossing an estimated $4.3 million from 2,344 runs on Friday.

I have to admit both performed better than I expected however, its great to see Liam Neeson getting some box office love finally though and tremendous trailer had to have helped. Taken has a real chance to break $25 million. And much to my surprise the Unborn might get up around $12 to $15 million. Good stuff for horror and thriller fans.

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