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Halloween Curse of Michael Myers Movie Review

Halloween Curse of Michael Myers Review

Ok, so i'm setting around in a theater in like 1996 when a trailer came on for Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers. All of a sudden i'm fired the hell up because I'd never seen a Halloween movie on the big screen. lets face it. quite alot of time went by between Halloween 5 and 6. So here was my opportunity. I would like to say this. To me. This is a highly underrated Halloween movie. It stars in his movie debut Paul Rudd (who to this day is one of my fav actors) and it marked the end of the road for a film legend Donald Pleasance. Pleasance died as filming ended if I understand correctly. Paul Rudd plays Tommy Doyle the kid that ran in to Michael Myers during Halloween while carrying a pumpkin and of course while Laurie Strode was getting nearly killed by Mikey. Anyway, this continued to explore the Thorn plot line, answered the question of the mystery man that broke Myers out of jail at the end of Halloween 5 and saw the end of a great character named Jamie Lloyd. Although, her ending was more of a side note and I thought should've either been skipped or worked around. I figure we all got some way of rating these movies. I'll give it 3.5 out 5 machete blades. lol... its better than 5 and 3. hell. better than H20 and Resurrection. oh wait. also it spawned thousands of horror fans spending time on ebay for bootlegs of the producer's cut. Which in my opinion no way as good as the regular cut but, most fans tend to think the producer's cut is the better flick. Anyway, if you haven't seen it. Go rent or buy it. The first 20 mins are decent. But, the last 20 minutes are flat great. Including Tommy Doyle making us recall visions of Tommy Jarvis in Friday Part 4 going ape shit on Myers' ass.

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