Mirrors Movie Review - Starring Keifer Sutherland Directed by Alexandre Aja

Mirrors Movie Review - Starring Keifer Sutherland

Director: Alexandre Aja

Well, before we getting started I feel it fair to pronounce that I really don't care for supernatural horror movies. The Sixth Sense I won't ever review because frankly, I don't want to review something that I just had almost no interest in. Now let me preface this. In this case of the Mirrors movie I was fired up as Keifer Sutherland was involved in one of my favorite movies Young Guns and Young Guns 2 (Doc Shurlock) and one of my all time favorite shows 24. And I loved High Tension and The Hill Have Eyes (Remake). I thought both were brutal and raw horror movies. Both with its fair share of gore and violence. No holds barred brutality. Then it brings me to Mirrors. This was the story of a former police detective who has become a pill head and is living with his sister after being thrown out by his ex-wife. Anyway, ol' Jack. My Bad. Keifer needs a job so he becomes a overnight security guard at a fired gutted department store. So anyway, after working there for a couple nights he starts experiencing all these supernatural acts of mental trickery. And he becomes haunted. Worst of all the Mirrors can actually transfer out to other mirrors and began causing acts of terror on to any one that Keifer comes in contact with. Upon further review the mirrors has been possessed by demons. or something. Anyway, If your a fan of supernatural horror i'd say check it out. You will probably get a kick out of it. And definitely worth a rent but, not a buy for me. It had its moments including a kick ass bathtub scene. Amy Smart. wow. Anyway, I give it 2.5 axes out 5. If you were a fan of Hills and Tension then prepare to be disappointed...... ;(

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