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My Bloody Valentine 3D Movie Review

My Bloody Valentine 3d Movie Review (spoilers ahead) (warning) (spoilers ahead)

Ok, so I got up off my ass to go see My Bloody Valentine 3d. Directed by Patrick Lussier who directed one of my favorite horror movies Dracula 2000 (what? Gerard Butler as Dracula? Hell yes). This movie also stars couple horror veterans. Tom "Halloween 3" Atkins and Kerr "Final Destination" Smith. And I will tell you. My how the 3d technology has changed since the Jaws 3d and Friday the 13th part 3d days. And guess what? No more red blue plastic paper glasses. So, here we go.
It starts with one of those kill a buncha people openings as Harry Warden pulls a Michael Myers ala Halloween 4 pop out of a coma deals and hacks up the hospital and buncha drunk kids down in a mine. And right before Warden is about to kill this fellow Tom Akins shows up and shoots his ass and chases him in to the mine. Then mine falls in. etc. Ok, flash forward 10 years. And Valentine's Day. The dude that almost gets killed in the opening scene shows back up in town as the majority owner of the mine his now deceased dad left him. Well, guess what? He shows up and folks start dropping dead Jason Voorhees style with a pick axe and miners outfit.
Kerr Smith is now sheriff and is married to the girlfriend of the guy that almost died in the opening scene. Well, I will say this. My Bloody Valentine 3D does most definitely supply the gore and the kills. And frankly, I'm glad Jason is coming back next month because judging by the theater's reaction to not only the Friday the 13th trailer and My Bloody Valentine horror fans are starved for slasher flicks. Now, after Kerr Smith and Jensen Ackles are pretty much narrowed down along with Jaime King as the only 3 fuckers alive. We realize something during the last 30 minutes of the movie. *************MASSIVE SPOILERS********** In which I just did a "oh fuck".... Harry Warden is not doing the killing. christ.... did we not learn from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V A NEW BEGINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh jesus. not again. Thats right somebody is killing folks using Harry's old MO. However, I will say this. I won't tell you the ending. However, I will say this. I let the somebody else is doing the damn killing slide. Which is big for me because I'm big on it being the original killer. I will just say I think most of this movie completely worked, with great gore, and pretty damn good nods to other movies. Complete with spooky woods, cabin, etc. I will tell you. If you haven't seen this in the theater get up off your ass and go see this. The 3D is worth it all in its self. If you want a good watch, like slasher flicks, go see My Bloody Valentine 3D. And I'm warning you. Your going to buy it on DVD too. Especially, if we get a unrated version. Whoa. I give it 4 pick axes out of 5... lol... I won't say a great slasher flick but, a very damn good one.

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