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Terminator Salvation Rated R?

Terminator Salvation Rated R?

Ever since he's been involved in the project, "Terminator Salvation" director McG has been coy about the film's final rating but has certainly indicated what he shot would be essentially what he wanted and likely be along a reasonable 'moderate R rating' like the other films in the series.

Over the weekend however during the WonderCon panel for the film, McG revealed that the film features a topless scene with actress Moon Bloodgood who serves essentially as this film's defacto Sarah Connor and that executives at the studio are pressuring him to cut it.

The question of course is will that shot push the film into the tougher rating and hence potentially curbed box-office. Those involved, including Bloodgood herself to reporters later in the day, say the scene is very tastefully shot and if they didn't think it was an essential part of the story they wouldn't have done it.

Credit: Darkhorizons.Com

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