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More White Trash Horror Please.

More White Trash Horror Please

Well, as I am sitting around today being Saturday and I am full of piss and vinegar. Thinking about horror fans while reading other of my favorite horror sites bash white trash horror over and over again. Funny, I got a lot of friends that dig this sorta of horror. And frankly, I love white trash horror. And in case you don't know what white trash horror is. Example: The Devil's Rejects, Halloween (remake). You can figure if Zombie directs it or any of the following show up in it: Diamond Dallas Page, Danny Trejo, Sid Haig, Michael Madsen, etc. Then you are watching possible white trash horror. So many people supposely hated these movies. Well, frankly I bet if you surveyed 1000 horror fans 800 of them liked these movies. Maybe less maybe more. But, it would be more than 50% by a damn sight. And I also feel that frankly, people have done what people on the internet do. Follow. They said wait "user name jack4money666" on some horror board said Zombie and Halloween sucked. Or white trash horror sucks and 20 people ran in right behind them to follow. I actually tend to believe some of these people that post actually like these movies however, are some how ashamed to admit it. Coming from a middle class family in Texas the one thing you acquire is friends, contacts and I will tell you several of them will be labeled what you might call "white trash". And frankly, walking in to some of these houses. Seeing how people live and the way their mind works is scary. Very. They don't clean. The guys and girls lay up and fuck and do meth and be worthless. Most of the guys have records for theft, possession of controlled substance, sales of drugs, domestic violence and some of the girls do too. And that makes for a scary and surreal environment to be around. Run down mobile homes, old houses (with several too many people living in them). So that being said white trash is scary. And when you take that environment and put somebody like Michael Myers in it. It makes fucking sense. If you take Otis and Mama Firefly from House and Devil's Rejects and put them in this environment it makes sense. A lot of these people you feel as you talk to them have some fucked up skeletons in their closet and while some horror fans may not relate to this. I can. And knowing that frankly, I may have walked through someones house over the years that may in fact live a lifestyle very similar to the Myers' family. Those movies do in fact become scary. So I say to Zombie keep making white trash horror. Some of us do in fact "get it".

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