Jason Voorhees Tribute and Murderer from B.I.G. Sergio

Mickey Rourke the villian in Rambo 5

In some holy shit news. I understand Rambo 4 wasn't a horror movie. But, Sly went through guys with a machete in a way that Jason Voorhees himself would've said damn. And was a awesomely gory mess. And for that reason I am utterly pumped that news is coming out of Britain (Wtf) that Mickey Rourke (who is friends with Sly) may be the villian for Rambo 5. Jesus, I hope this is true. I will actually fork up theater fees to check it out. Rambo 4 was a huge hit worldwide making a cool $113 million worldwide and a whopping $38 million more on dvd. Goes to show action is making a comeback.

Credit: The Sun

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