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Quarantine (REC Remake) Movie Review

Quarantine (REC Remake) Movie Remake

Ok, so FINALLY I get to the review for this movie. As I was seriously had been wanting to see this movie for months. That being said. Damn. This movie was supposed to be in the vain of something like 28 Days Later where a virus like situation breaks out in a apartment building. This movie stars Jennifer Carpenter and Jay "Hostel" Hernandez. It starts out promising in a very fun filled spirited back and forth session between Carpenter and the fire fighters as they start building the characters. Carpenter and her camera man are there filming a story on firefighters and a day in the life of for news station. Well. This was probably the most interesting the part of the movie. We get to the apartment building and find a old woman that is bloody and losing it very zombie like. Attacking. Once again promising still. Then... We lose the lights. And you know I'm all for making a fucking movie realistic. But, shit man. Who turned out the fucking lights? Really? The last half of the whole movie is in the dark other than a 5 inch place where the camera light is supposed to be. Sad part is. This movie may have rocked if we could've seen what was actually happening. I mean darkening the room but, let us be able to see things for christ sakes. By the time it was over I was just pissed. Do to the fact that this movie had all the potential in the world and then bam. Over. The only thing scary was I rented a movie that essentially I was "in the dark" about and hell saw it and still am. Let us see these fuckers killing everyone. I love zombie, virus breakouts, living dead movies. And this my friends had some elements of cool. But, being blinded by darkness I can't remember what they were. I'll say we should have stayed at the fire station... And watched a episode of Rescue Me. Which is 10 times better than this shit will EVER be. Bastards. 1.0 axes out 5. 1.0 for them just being able to get me to spend 4.99 on this shit. Ya'll got me.

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