Horror DVD Sales

I was tolling around the internet and found some very interesting numbers related to dvd sales and horror movies. And exactly why movies like Halloween, Saw keep getting made. Here are some examples. In 2007 Halloween's Rob Zombie remake landed a cool $26.6 million dollars off of dvd sales. Also The Hills Have Eyes 2 took in a nice $23.3 million dollars off of dvd sales. Grindhouse which everybody believes bombed however, with a cool $27 million on dvd in sales I would say it did pretty damn good. A highly underrated 1408 with John Cusack and Sam Jackson landed a huge $37 million on dvd sales. Disturbia? How about $29.8 million on dvd. Saw? How about Saw III with a monster $45.5 million on dvd sales. How about Ghost Rider was a decent hit at the box office. But, did you have any idea it made $98 million on dvd sales???? Wow. All of those movies were in the top 100 of the best selling dvds in 2007. Then how about 2008? The Happening $20 million. How about Skinwalkers? $20 million. Aliens vs Predator 2? $27 million. Saw IV $31 million. I Am Legend a monster $126 million. Resident Evil 3 got a cool $34 million dollars. This year? Quarantine raped dvd buyers to the tune of $8 million dollars. Saw V took in another $21 million. And we're just through March. I thought it was very interesting to check movies that people didn't really think made any money. Skinwalkers taking in $20 million? Did anybody see that coming? Or one of my guilty pleasures The Hills Have Eyes 2 landing $23 million? Makes me feel better for owning most of these movies. lol. Guess I am not alone.

Credit: The-Numbers.Com

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